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Rayman Forever is Ubi Soft's way of giving back to the fans. They have essentially repackaged the three Rayman products out there, and have put them all on a single, easy-to-use (most of the time) disc. Included are the original Rayman, Rayman Designer and Rayman By His Fans.

The original Rayman is just the beginning in this package. It is essentially the starting point for anyone that wishes to become a "Ray-master." The game-play is simple enough. As Rayman, you must run around searching for trapped friends of yours while attempting to make it to the end of each level.

The problems arise from the controls of the game. I found a high degree of difficulty calibrating my regular Gravis GamePad. In fact, for the Rayman Designer game, I could not calibrate the GamePad at all. This was a disappointment, as the GamePad probably would have made the controls much better. The keyboard just doesn't do it for this game.

The graphics of Rayman and the two other supplements are just about average. There is nothing great here. It is essentially a two-dimensional game with some three-dimensional backgrounds. Level play goes from either left to right, top to bottom or bottom to top. You can go back the other way, too, if you feel that you might have missed an item or an enemy of any sort. The variety to the levels is pretty good, and allows for some replay value.

The AI (artificial intelligence) of Rayman Forever varies. The original Rayman is not terribly hard, but you must get the controls down in order to make your way through the game. Timing is a must in order to make it to and from the different platforms that allow access to items and enemies. Jumps must be extremely accurate, or you may find yourself swimming in water. Rayman Designer is significantly harder than the original. All of your skills must be honed in Rayman before you even think about moving on. Rayman Designer is more or less an update on the original made to hold over Rayman's fans before his next game is released. Finally, Rayman By His Fans gives the gamer the largest variety. Difficulty ranges from easy to very hard in these levels made by the fans. If you can't find anything you particularly like, make your own levels! The mapper that Ubi Soft included allows you to create and test your very own levels.

With a making-of Rayman 2 video, Ubi Soft clearly wants to let their fans know that they are thinking of them. Rayman Forever is their way of showing this. Fans of Rayman and fans of platformers alike that do not have the original game should give this one a try.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (157 MB).


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