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Nam is essentially a Doom clone based on the tragic events of the Vietnam War. Although other games have used jungle style warfare scenarios before (most noticeably Operation Wolf and Operation Thunderbolt), this is the first PC game to combine depth of graphics with the Vietnam theatre.

The gameplay itself is great fun. You play as a U.S. soldier, armed with the basic standard-issue pistol and knife. As you proceed through the game, you pick up better weapons, such as an M16 rifle, a machine gun, or even a rocket launcher and supplies of grenades. As you are part of a team, you must learn to play defensively to protect your buddies while you make your way through an impressively long series of levels.

Your enemies - the computer controlled Vietnamese - are not pushovers. They hide behind trees, sneak up behind you, or jump out from nowhere with their guns a-blazing.

Nam can be a simple game to pick up and a difficult one to put down. With a useful multi-player option, the game can become addictive. Unfortunately, the game can also be frustrating. The first level is particularly tough and could put some people off until they master it. The graphics let the game down by being slightly blocky, often making it annoyingly difficult to distinguish between bad guys and trees, Vietnamese and vines.

Anyone who enjoyed Doom or Duke Nukem will appreciate the instant gratification this game offers, as the interface is almost identical to those classics. Nam will play on almost any PC, from a 486 upwards, which also makes it an attractive purchase.

Graphics: Blocky and indistinct

Sound: Authentic sound effects

Enjoyment: Doom style addiction

Replay Value: Can be played over and over

The year is 1966, shortly after USA deployed its troops to participate in the Vietnam War. Alan "The Bear" Westmoreland, a Marine Corps sergeant, is sent behind the enemy lines. He is known for his high endurance, achieved by ingesting various stimulants. As long as these drugs keep him going, the Bear isn't afraid of danger, and is used by his superiors for missions with overwhelming odds. The raid turns into total warfare; with only a small team at his side, the Sergeant will have to do everything he is capable of in order to survive.

NAM is a military-themed first-person shooter that uses the Build engine. The protagonist has to fight his way through the jungle, with various weapons such as M16, M60, M79, LAW, and others. The missions range from urban gun battles to sneaking in the thick jungles and man-made tunnels under the ground. The battlefields are frequented by air strikes, anti-personnel mines (which the player can spot with a mine detector), fire fights, ambushes, snipers and tanks. Fellow soldiers will aid Alan in battle, though for the most part he'll have to depend on himself.A multiplayer battle is included, featuring 19 multiplayer levels with different game modes like Gruntmatch, Capture-the-flag and Fireteam, where each player is allowed to select a soldier type and is sent on different missions.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (606 MB).


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