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The mighty hero Lo Wang kicks some mutant butt in this game by 3D Realms. The game follows in the tradition of Duke Nukem 3D, featuring humorous comments from the lead character, a fair amount of sexually suggestive content, and lots of blood and gore.

The graphics in Shadow Warrior aren't great, but this doesn't hurt the game too badly as you don't have much time to admire the scenery when you are busy blowing the heads off nasty monsters and nuking the evil Sumo Wrestler boss. Shadow Warrior can run at resolutions up to 800x600 and uses advanced lighting effects like fog and mist.

The sound in this game is top-notch and also quite funny. The game features lots of personal asides from Lo Wang, such as the "Buuuuurn baby burn; Ahhhhhh, flames are getting higher!" commentary that the hero makes when he sets an enemy aflame. When Lo Wang does his flying-fist punch he screams a somewhat clichéd, " Hai-Ya," which may also strike some gamers as entertainingly humorous.

After playing through the whole game once there is not much else to do - unless you have a modem! A connection to the Internet opens up a whole new arena of blood-squirting, multiplayer mayhem. Up to eight players can join in a game.

With its mature humor and violent themes, Shadow Warrior is a title best suited for adults only.

Graphics: The graphics aren't "cutting edge" but this is okay because of Shadow Warrior's good gameplay.

Sound: The sound is great and has very nice timing.

Enjoyment: Part of the reason I enjoyed it so much because it was hilarious!

Replay Value: After beating the game, there's not much else to the single player mode. Multiplayer WangBangs offer more replay value.

Lo Wang has been working as a Shadow Warrior (a bodyguard and mercenary of sorts) for the powerful Zilla Corporation for years. But when he discovered the evil Zilla's plan to summon monsters from other dimensions and conquer the world, he left in disgust. Realizing that Lo Wang might jeopardize his plans, Zilla sends his assassins after him.

Shadow Warrior is a first-person shooter similar in style and gameplay to Duke Nukem 3D. The game set in a generic "Asialand", which looks like China and Japan conflated together. It features deliberately immature and politically incorrect humor, as well as a protagonist who delivers regular one-liners, commenting upon the situation at hand. Much of the humor is derived from over-the-top, stereotypical portrayals of Asian culture (e.g. scantily clad young women drawn in Japanese anime style). The player has to complete several levels, fighting enemies and occasionally solving puzzles on the way. Though the game primarily focuses on exploration and combat, puzzle-solving plays a larger role than in most other contemporary shooters. There are also a few sequences that allow the player to drive vehicles, some of which have mounted weapons. Like Duke Nukem 3D, the game's environments are interactive, allowing the player to manipulate or destroy scenery and many objects, often revealing secret areas. On a technical side, the game introduces climbable ladders, true room-over-room situations, and voxels (instead of sprites) for weapons and inventory items.

Enemies include evil ninjas with various weapons, "coolies" which carry a crate of dynamite and blow themselves up when near the player character, female assassins with crossbows, and many more. To combat them, Lo Wang can use a variety of weapons and items. Weapons include: Lo Wang's fists, a katana, shuriken, a riot gun, an Uzi (two of which can be equipped and used at a time), a rocket launcher firing heat-seeking or nuclear missile, a grenade launcher, sticky bombs, a railgun, and even some enemy body parts. Many of these weapons have a secondary firing mode. Lo Wang can also find and use gadgets such as caltrops to leave in the enemies' way, or gas bombs to choke foes who happen to be near it.

This fantastic 3D FPS from 3D Realms, built on Duke Nukem 3D Engine is funny as DN3D. In game you can find good arsenal of weapons from Katana to Railgun. I recommend Shadow Warrior to older gamers, who can nostalgic remember the old days. This game looks like DN3D. It's different in many ways, but the same engine is well known. There is such kind of stereotype after some time.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (391 MB).


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