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A remake of the classic Paratrooper. Kill all of the paratroopers before they reach the ground--and your turret.

Personally, I have been addicted to this game since my childhood.

You play as a turret placed on a tiny house in the middle of nowhere. For some obscure reason your enemies send out thousands of paratroopers in order to destroy the house. You must make sure they will fail in their mission by shooting everything that moves. Each shot costs you one point but in more advanced levels I doubt you'll survive without shooting all the time. Don't worry, in those levels the skies will be so full none of your shots will miss. ;)

There are a few types of enemies in Night Raider. I will list some of them briefly:

Planes/Choppers: These crafts travel trough the sky and drop countless paratroopers. Some planes/Choppers are slow and some are fast. If you destroy one of these crafts, the shrapnel created in the explosion will destroy anything in their way.

Paratroopers: These guys might be slow but they are devastative when they are in large numbers. When more than three paratroopers manage to reach the ground and land, they will be able to destroy your little base. If three have landed, don't loose hope though, you still have a chance to survive. Each level consists of a few "waves" of enemy attacks and at the end of each one, there is a short break. If the three soldiers survived on the ground up to that point, you are as good as dead, but before there are many ways they can die on ground, like shrapnel from destroyed planes. If less then 3 paratroopers stay alive in the end of the level, you get a nice surprise, I won't spoil it for you. ;)

Missiles: Be careful with these payloads of destruction! Destroy at all costs. If one hits the ground you will die immediately. If you don't notice them soon enough there is always a whistling sound when they start falling.

The sound in this game is nice. You can choose between PC speaker and Soundblaster. The music is soundblaster only, but that's not a problem since all PC speaker music tends to be repetitive and somewhat annoying.

This game is based on the concept of Paratrooper; You play a defensesystem with a large canon. You have to prevent the paratroopers falling out of the planes to enter your base. Of course you also can devastate the planes which are flying from the right to the left or vice versa. The graphics are very ok, though the gameplay is a bit slow.

Night Raid is another action shooter and it is similar to a few other games. You control a single gun that you can turn both left and right while shooting as many things as possible. You have to survive a wave of attacks from enemy soldiers dropping from the skies in parachutes. They come from enemy planes and the faster you shoot down the planes the fewer men will appear as well.

After each wave new planes, rockets etc. appear to make it a little harder for you but the game really never gets really hard because there is a very simple tactic that seems to work on any level. Simply hold down the fire key while turning right and then left. This way you will always have bullets in the air that can take down enemies. This also means that planes barely enter the screen before they are hit. The few soldiers that will make it out of the planes will either get hit by the rest of your bullets or from the explosions of the planes. If you are concerned about your score this isn't the tactic to stick to then as you lose one point for each time you shoot so you should only fire if you are sure that you will hit as you otherwise end the game at zero points which isn't a great feeling.

Night Raid is a simple but entertaining action game with simple graphics but well matching sounds. While it won't entertain you for hours it can easily be used to waste/relax for 10 to 20 minutes.

Night Raid is a fun variation of the classic Parachute Drop game of yore in which, manning artillery, you must shoot all enemies that drop from parachutes before they get close enough to you. Simplistic and mostly mindless, but fun. For a better conversion that adds interesting strategy elements, try Three-Sixty Pacific's Armor Alley.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.88 MB).


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