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You have been recruited for Operation Wolf, a desperate attempt to rescue prisoners from the enemy. Through a series of missions, you'll engage a variety of enemies, from soldiers to ninjas, patrol boats to helicopters, and more. Can you carry the day?

Operation Wolf is an arcade conversion of the game by Taito. It is essentially a bitmapped "rail-shooter", where you basically hold the gun and shoot just about everything that moves, while conserving your ammo and grenades. Shoot ammo/grenades and healing items on the screen to "pick them up". Your primary machine gun can kill everything if you hit it enough times, but you can also use the grenade launcher for really deadly targets like helicopters or armored cars. You can collect a machine gun which will allow you to shoot faster for a few seconds. You'll be pummelled by a LOT of enemies. Some will be shooting, others will be tossing grenades, knifes, and more. Some are armored and requires more than a few hits, others dodges. You can shoot grenades and knifes out of the air if you aim well enough. There are also civilians running around which can be shot, but it's not beneficial. Bosses appear at the end of some levels, and each has a specific weakness you need to exploit.

Operation Wolf is certainly one of the game history makers and has had a great impact on many games to come after it. It is a very basic, but nonetheless very famous arcade game. It probably earned its fame because for 1989, when games looked like Pang, Digger and such, it was extremely realistic and placed in the real world. The surroundings are amazingly well drawn, and so are your enemies. The story is simple. You're some kind of a commando, and you have to kill the bad guys. At the end of every second level there will be a "boss" of some kind. Your gear consists of bullets and grenades which you will have to use very wisely in order to survive. But since all the actual movement in this game is automatic (you move sideways, as if you're in a car that is moving with constant speed), shooting enemies is the only thing you will have to concentrate on. There are all kinds of enemies, and vehicles that will come from every imaginable direction so you will have to keep your eyes open all the time. Some random nurses, civilians and harmless animals will run by every now and then and you will be awarded with negative points if you shoot them :) That pretty much wraps it up. As I've specified before, the graphics and cutscenes are amazing considering the year in which it was made. One thing that could also be taken negatively is the actual length of the game. You can finish it pretty quickly as there are only 6 levels. Also, if you die, you start all the way from the beginning :( After adding all the good and bad sides, Operation Wolf diserves a solid 4 mark. Try it out!

The predecessor to other "shooter-on-rails" games such as Time Crisis, Virtua Cop and House of the Dead. If I recall correctly I can remember three games of this type being released on the ZX spectrum when I owned it - Opertaion Wolf Operation Thunderbolt and The Untouchables. Operation Thunderbolt was without a doubt the best, but this game is the classic.

The game is a first person shooter that scrolls slowly from left to right. Use the mouse (or if your a sadist, the keyboard) to move the target indicator around the screen, shooting enemy soldiers, tanks and helicopters (and the occasional turkey - play the game, you'll see ;)). The game is best played with a lightgun.. but since that option isn't available for the PC (hehe losers) you are stuck with the mouse.

Thr game is great fun, but after the third level or so it gets slightly repetitive. However, if you want a game that is easy to get into and involves lots of frantic shooting, this very well may be the one for you.

Operation Wolf is definitely one of the most famous computer games of all times! But if you're new to computer gaming then you may have never heard of it.

Your goal is to shoot and kill everything you see (except for the nurses and civilians that move around occasionally). You only control your aim throughout the game and shoot bullets or granades. And all the same through 9 levels or so. Back then this was a hit game but nowdays it's below average.

One of the most classic shooters ever made. I would thing you were lying if you told me you haven't seen this game around one of the play machines around your block. This game is probably the one that has gotten most success through these kind of machines. It was also the first game to feature a gun which you control instead of some different buttons.

The overall goal in Operation Wolf is to kill as many soldiers, helicopters and tanks while you fight your way through the different levels. I'm not a big fan of these games, but I can see why a game like this got so popular as it did. The graphics are ok, but it's sad that the sound is going through the PC Speaker and you don't have the option to use your sound card. That would have added much to the overall rating of the game.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.94 MB).


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