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Your name is Oscar. You have to run and jump through 7 Levels in Hollywood-style (Science Fiction, Western, Horror, Cartoons, Dino, Detective and Gameshow) to find Oscars (yes - the Academy Award!). If you have enough Oscars you solve the level. You can choose the levels in every order you want. In the levels you must jump on platforms to discover the level. You kill the enemies by jumping on them. Some of them lose a power up like invulnerable or a superjump. You can also find a JoJo to break down walls or using as ladder. Two creatures are no opponents. First the white rabbit. He gives you an extra continue. Second a red elephant. Touch him for using as save point in level.

This fun and colorful arcade game is a product of Flair software. Oscar is a typical platform jumper that was also published for Amiga about a year before it was released for PCs.

This game has nothing to do with the famous movie awards. Well, not directly. You are little Oscar, a squirrel-like creature, who drives to the cinema in the animated intro. Inside the cinema there are seven 'screens' and a few bonus ones. Each screen is a level in the game. The design of each level is unique with different backgrounds, music, sounds, monsters, and even little Oscar is dressed differently. To pass a level you have to gather oscars, small statues, that look like you. (Surprise!)

When you fill your quota, you have to find a 'cut' sign and then you can continue. Each level is filled with different mosters which you eliminate by jumping on. There are also many powerups that you can use during the game. When you lose all your lives, you can try again by using the lucky rabbits. This is just the game's name for a continue. You can't save the game. It's clear that the game was done in a console manner. As I said in the beginning, the graphics are nicely done very colorful VGA graphics, and there are a few special effects included. The level design is original and different for every level.

Anyone who feels like playing a simple game should download this one. No excessive use of brain-power is needed (after all it is an arcade), just a desire to have a few hours of fun entertainment.

A great platform game that was more successful on the Amiga, Oscar casts you in the role of Oscar, a cutesy chipmunk whose task is to find little clones of himself in various movie backdrops. Gameplay is conventional platform fare, but is executed in a very polished manner typical of a Flair release. The game's highlights are the well-designed and diverse levels, each with its own theme, power-ups, hidden surprises, and enemies.

Thanks to Oscar's all-encompassing premise of being set in movieland, the designers let their imagination run wild in designing levels, which range from sci-fi land, to Castlevania-style creepy cemetery, to Western saloons and beyond. Oscar wears appropriate clothes in each scene, and even doodles when he's idle (heh, there's a poet in me) in ways appropriate to that scene. With attractive graphics, great soundtrack, fluid controls, diverse levels, and the difficulty level that is just right, Oscar is a great platform game that deserves a second chance.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (193 MB).


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