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Rambo's mission is set deep in Afghanistan, in the days when the Soviets occupied it, and America was putting this right (we won't mention who they enlisted to do so). Colonel Trautman has been kidnapped by the Soviets, and you've gone in there to rescuing him. Doing so is a three-part operation approximately following the plot of the film.

In the first part, you explore the building Trautman could be in, through a top-down view of the building. It is heavily protected by infra-red security beams, which when activated unleadsh the enemies. The locations of the beams are only apparent if you collect the special goggles. Other hazards include mines, trapdoors and booby-trapped doors, but there are enhanced weapons to collect.

Section two is identical to the first, except that it is located outside, the enemy are onto you from the start, and there are no traps. The final section changes to an Operation Wolf-style shoot 'em up, with a horde of tanks, foot soldiers and helicopters to face. Your gun can jam, which adds to the challenge of finally getting out alive.

Rambo III is a top-down shoot-em-up based off the old Rambo movies of the 80's. It proves very faithful to the third movie in that it involves that age-old chunky commando, John Rambo, and his adventures in Afghanistan. Your mission in the game is rescue your various friends, who have been captured by the sinister Soviets (ah, the most durable of all game villains) and are being held hostage in an Afghani Fortress. With the help of some Afghan freedom fighters, you are smuggled into the fortress, and then you are on your own.

The game is ridiculously unrealistic, but still very fun. How a shirtless American commando with only a knife can stand up against several hundred angry Soviets armed with AK-47's is any one's guess. But anyway, you make your way through the castle meeting lots of resistance, including enemies such as attack dogs and so forth. The game is surprisingly creative with its objects, such as you can collect bones to throw at the dogs, and find night-vision glasses and so forth. And that is pretty much it, concerning plot and game play.

Sound: No sound, as far as I can tell. Graphics: exceedingly good for the year 1989: 256 colors, relatively small pixels.

Controls: probably the only bad thing about this game, but if you are used to old action games, unlike me, you should do just fine: mouse to move around, click to shoot or stab, spacebar to check inventory and choose items. Also, I found myself often getting "stuck" in nooks and crannies in the furniture and so forth (I guess Rambo is too beefy to get through the doorways!). The interface can seem weird at first, but you usually get the hang of it pretty fast.

All in all, Rambo III deserves a 4 rating, because of the funky controls and how unrealistic the weapons are. But in the end, this game is very clever and advanced for its age. In terms of learning curve: the average gamer should find the game a bit difficult in the beginning, but the interface is quite easy to understand.

In my opinion, this game is really fun and should occupy you for hours if you are a serious player. If you like the movies and the action, give it a try. If you are a more strategy-simulation type, this is probably not for you.

Well... don't we all like to play one of those stupid little Action-Games that don't make much sense sometimes? Just run around and kill 'em - um... I'm sure there's someone to rescue or anything like that, but I can't say I would have the slightest idea of the background-story behind this one. I've never been able to see one of those Rambo-movies - to be honest I turned off my TV after 5 minutes or so since I just didn't see the point in it. But anyway - this game is really playable - at least for half an hour or so. And if anyone can tell me why the enemies start spinning around once Rambo killed them - please let me know. Just don't take this serious and it can be fun.

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