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You're a paper boy. Get on your bicycle. Avoid obstacles on the road, such as dogs, cars, and basically everything you can imagine. Hell, some people shoot cannon balls at you! And you'd better be very sure to only throw papers at the right houses! (and at people, that's fun :)

From the review of the original Paperboy (by Danny252): Paperboy is a simple yet fun no-brainer game. You play the role of a boy trying to get his newspapers to the right houses whilst avoiding obstacles. Walls, cars, fences, rolling tyres and even people block your way. You have 5 lives to use, each time you hit something a life goes. You also have a limited number of newspapers, and you can pick up more by riding over the piles on the left side of the street. When you ride by a house and 'subscriber' appears on your status bar at the bottom, throw a newspaper. You get more point by hitting certain areas, such as the mailbox, front door or the trashcan.

Seeing how the sequel should be an improved version, but still keep the original idea of the game, I'd say this one has got to be right on the nose.

This time you get to choose wether you're a paperboy or a papergirl. There's no real difference, just a slightly different figure. The houses you deliver papers to, are on the both sides of the street and you get to ride through people's yards (if you want to). There are also more obstacles (including sewer monsters, fire breading griffon statues and ghostly apparitions).

At the end of the route you get to compete in the obstacle course again (trying to hit as many targets as possible in as little time as possible), which is the bonus level really.

The graphics have improved greatly and the sound is good (there's no music, but the sound effects are right on the spot). The controls are still simply, but I better tell you how to throw the papers "," - left throw and "." - right throw (depending what side of the street the house is on).

So enjoy this great sequel (it actually feels more like an ironed out original), because it's really great! Lot's of fun!

Now this is what Paperboy 1 should have been! Aside from better graphics and sound, the game has much larger play area and now you DO have time to avoid the car when it comes at you.

The goal is the same as before. You have to deliver the newspaper to the subsribers. Now you can even play as papergirl and see the action from a different view (well, not really; it's all the same).

In this superior sequel to arcade classic PaperBoy, you are back to deliver some more papers to a not-so-friendly neighborhood. However, this time, you can also play as PaperGirl (so as not to be appear sexist, naturally). The neighbourhoods this time are a little strange, though - all the streets have castles in them! You will also have to dodge the likes of skateboarders, bouncing balls, ghosts (!), and the obligatory workmen carrying furniture or glass. The game has better graphics and is much faster than its predecessor - in fact, I think it's too fast. It also makes crashing into things a frequent occurrence, and your six lives will quickly run out. At least Mindscape adds sound effects to the game this time around, and the obstacles and levels are definitely more diverse than the original classic. Overall, PaperBoy 2 is an excellent all-around update that doesn't change the tried-and-true concept of the original. The game is as incredibly addictive as ever -- so be warned.

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