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In this game, you guide a marker which must draw rectangles and other weird objects in order to claim your territory, and you can either draw these rectangles fast or slow. Drawing the rectangles using the "slow" method awards you the most points. Once a rectangle has been made, it will be colored in to show that you have claimed your territory. While drawing the rectangles, you need to watch out for Qix (pronounced "kicks"), a series of colored lines that crawl the screen. In addition to Qix, you also need to avoid the Sparks who travel around the border, as well as any lines that you have made, as well as The Fuse, who travels along the line that you are drawing. Once you have claimed enough territory, you proceed to the next level.

Arcade here we come! Qix is one of those really genuine Arcade classics. Your job is to claim a special percentage of the screen by drawing polygons. Once your polygon is drawn it will be filled with a colourful pattern and you're off for the next part. But what would a game be without villains? To make your job a lot harder, there are sparks moving on your drawn lines that will instantly kill you when they get you. The main adversary, though, is the colour-styx that hovers around the screen. If he touches you or your incomplete polygons, they will be directly destroyed. The good news: There is no time limit. The bad news: After a specific amount of time two additional sparks will appear and complicate your job.

In the first two levels you simply need to claim 65% of the screen and you're done. In level three you will be facing two styx which makes life much harder...

Your player is controlled with the cursor keys. To draw a line press the space bar together with the direction key you like to start drawing. Then you have two options. Release the space key to make a fast move with less points or do not release the space bar and you will do a slow movement but get much more points. Beware, the rest of the game keeps its pace. When you want to make a very big polygon you best hold the cursor key to the opposite direction of your current movement to make you line "unbreakable". A little spark appears and draws your line in a grey colour. Now nothing can harm you at that part of your structure, but when you release the opposite direction key too late your own spark will kill you.

The graphics of Qix are fine for 1989. You can play it in quite colourful EGA graphics mode.

One of Taito's best known games, Qix is a great PC port of the hit arcade title that sparked numerous clones. Like all other great arcade classics, the gameplay is simple, but highly original and addictive. Your goal is use a marker to separate the screen into different portions, thereby "claiming" the space. In the meantime, you must avoid electronic creatures called qix, sparx, and others that randomly appear to destroy your marker (by touching either incomplete lines or the marker itself). Mindless, yet very addictive, Qix is a must-have for every arcade fan, and a great game to relax with from more serious action fare.

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