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The year is 2084. In his search for ultimate mechanical mindpower, man made his biggest mistake ever in creating the Robotrons, a machine-like race of super beings guided by infallible logic. Using this cold, calculated reasoning, the Robotrons deemed humankind inefficient and set out to kill every man, woman and child on the planet. Only one human family remains amidst the ruins of our lost civilization. You must rescue the family while using your anti-robot laser to wipe out the metal menaces.

As you run around the screen, saving fellow humans and firing your weapon in all directions, countless Ground Roving Unit Network Terminator Robotrons (GRUNT) will converge upon you from all sides of the rectangular playfield. Hulk Robotrons can be moved, but not killed. Brain Robotrons fire cruise missiles and reprogram humans into sinister Progs. Spheroids and Quarks manufacture deadly Tank Robotrons. Contact with any of the enemies or their firepower will result in instant death.

After destroying all the killable Robotrons in a level, you will advance to the next wave and the enemies will increase in number and in ferocity. For every 25,000 points you score, you will receive an extra life. The game ends only when you run out of lives.

This is a port of the arcade game of the same name.

You are a mutant human, who by some freak of nature has the ability to shoot energy pulses from his body in eight different directions! Your job is simple: save humanity from their own creation -- the ROBOTRONS! The gameplay is pretty unique for the time. You can move and fire in any of eight directions. You get thrown in a room with various evil baddies strewn about, you've got to kill all the robots while at the same time finding some way to grab humans and avoid death.

Arguably the best "pure" action game ever made, Robotron: 2084 rocketed Eugene Jarvis to fame when it was first released as an arcade game by Williams Electronics in 1982. This PC version, released two years later, retains all the frenetic fun of the arcade original, although the experience is somewhat muted without the arcade's famous V-stick mode.

The gameplay in Robotron is as simple as any game ever made - which makes its timeless status all the more amazing. Your goal: shoot everything in sight. No need to worry about the survivors you are supposed to save (who, according to the game's thin plot, are your family members), since they are bulletproof. But because the Robotrons can kill them, you must try to save them first, and fast.

There are many different enemies from the straightforward Grunts to the devious Brains that transform the innocents into vicious weapons of war (called "Progs"). Worse, you also need to fight robots that can create others, e.g. the Spheroids create Enforcers that fire guided mines at you, and the Quarks (each worth an impressive 1,000 points) will create Tanks that try to run over you or fire Bounce Bombs. There are even the Hulks, which are indestructible and can only be halted briefly by your laser fire. Each kind of Robotron has a different way of attacking you and also different point values. Points are also scored by destroying the missiles that they fire at you, by destroying other enemies that appear during each wave and by saving humans.

During each wave, you must destroy all the Robotrons (with the exception of the indestructible Hulks) and rescue as many human family members as possible in order to proceed to the next wave. When you complete wave 255 it will appear as if you just started the game - wave 1 will start all over. But never mind the lack of elaborate ending - you don't play pure action games for plot, and Robotron is the best of breed. Each wave poses a new challenge and gets faster, harder and more crowded. After about ten levels, things are real hairy and you survive on a combination of skill, luck and pure instinct. After the first few dozen waves, you will be so perfectly addicted and absorbed in the game that you won't even think any longer: just react to anything that moves. There is no planning, no rationalizing, just pure instinct. This is when you become oblivious to the outside world ;) If you consider yourself a die-hard action gamer, your experience won't be complete without playing this venerable classic. A must-have.

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