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This platform game has much in common with console games of the era. There are 4 worlds including ice, desert and fields, and have multiple routes through. The bad guys are cutesy. You get past them by spinning at them, although jumping over them is often sufficient. Power-ups on offer include speed ups, energy, food and water (Quik's thirst and hunger are measured separately). The bonus levels involve jumping through time, by finding the right doors.

The rabbit village has run out of carrots, so they send their hero, Quik, to find the legendary magical carrot seed that produces an endless supply. There is a problem though... in order to find this seed, Quik must travel through lands full of dangerous creatures.

The game consists of four different levels, and each level has four stages. The object of the game is to find the exit in each stage, which is always located on the extreme right. Sound too simple? Read more to find out.

Every stage is full of enemies that Quik can roll into and destroy, leaving behind a carrot, a flask of water, or a heart. At the top of the screen, you can see these items and a number next to each one. Health (the heart) decreases only when Quik is hit by an enemy, but thirst (the flask) and hunger (the carrot) must be satisfied all the time. If any of the numbers drop to zero, Quik will die.

The maximum value for health is nine, while for thirst and hunger it is ten. In addition, you can find three different power-ups: a rabbit's head gives Quik an extra life, a green potion makes him faster and invincible, and a red potion allows him to jump extra high. There are also secret passages, springs (trampolines), and ladders which help Quik to reach his destination.

In some stages, you must find a door before you can exit. These doors take Quik back in time to a sub-game which is a bit different from the main game. In the sub-games, your objective is to reach the top of the level, where you'll find a clock. Collect the clock, and the main game will continue. Every sub-game has a bird that flies around and tries to catch Quik and drag him back to the bottom of the level. Quik will lose health if he is caught, but the bird can't be destroyed. There are also spikes and other dangers to avoid.

After finishing four stages, you'll have to play through another sub-game before reaching the next level. But these sub-games are different from previous ones. Quik is taken into a labyrinth and must find the path out, then you'll have to beat an end-of-level boss.

Finding doors is definitely the most difficult task in the game. They can be hidden in secret passages, or so high you can't reach them without a red potion or spring. Later stages are so huge that finding the door can take quite a while. The longer it takes to finish a stage, the more Quik needs carrots and water. This is why it's not wise to collect them if Quik is already full. Also, you can usually just jump over enemies and not destroy them.

The game has good music that fits its atmosphere very well. It's the kind of cheery music you would hear on a kids' TV programme, and it changes between stages and levels. The sound effects are quite poor, because there are hardly any (even the end bosses don't make any sound). A few roars and howls from the enemies would have been nice.

Besides the music, the graphics are also very good. Scrolling is smooth, and the variety of enemy sprites is great. The backgrounds and platforms look very similar to Team17's Superfrog (at least that's what I think). Quik looks more like a stuffed animal than a real rabbit, but I guess he is supposed to.

Quik the Thunder Rabbit is suitable for kids and casual gamers. Difficulty level is low, and learning the controls only takes a few seconds. At first you may not like the "low gravity" feeling, but that's just one thing that makes this game special. It's almost funny how long it takes to fall down, especially in the underwater stages. This great platform game is highly recommended.

Lackluster platform game from Stywox and Titus, featuring chubby and toothy rabbits that are uglier than they are cute. Standard platform fare, except with blocky graphics, uninspired levels, and downright boring gameplay. Definitely one of the worst games Titus ever published, and it's not surprising why very few (unfortunate) people have bought the game. Stay away from it if you can-- this Real Dog is a waste of time. On the other hand, if you want to see how a rabbit can possibly be ugly in a game, then by all means, try it ;)

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