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Pinball Illusions is the successor to the Pinball Fantasies, using an upgraded game engine. The tables are Babewatch, Law & Justice, Extreme Sports and (on PC CD versions) The Vikings. These contain ramps, bonus areas and combo sequences to set up. All the artwork were produced in true 256 colors from the ground up for AGA Amigas and the PC, rather than originating in 32 colors on older Amigas.

New to this version is multiball: Pinball Illusions supports up to six balls simultaneously, in which case it switches to high resolution mode. CD versions use CD audio for music.

Pinball illusions belongs to the now nearly extinct pinball genre. Despite its precursor games (Pinball fantasies, Pinball dreams) were just your average pinball games, PI sets a new quality to the series. To put it bluntly, in my eyes Pinball Illusions is the best pinball game in the world. Why? Read on...

First thing you will notice when starting the game is the music. It is, with a lack of a better term, perfect, and perfectly timed to the intro sequence as well (which aint bad either in its own right too). Furthermore, the awesome quality of music and sound effects carries on to the game itself too.

From the main menu you have access to four different tables (some of the past players might remember only three, this is because the fourth table, The Vikings, was only present in the CD version of the game). These are:

Each table being completely different of the others with its own style and layout, simply exploring out all the tricks, bonuses and modes is going to take a while. And to master them will take even longer.

The modes I mentioned are special mini-games on each table (you have first to activate them in certain ways), usually requiring you to hit certain bumpers and/or ramps within a set time to get a bonus.

Now, when it comes to graphics the ten year age of this game becomes slightly more visible, for it uses only a 256 color palette. However, the people who done them did a brilliant work, and so even with this limited palette the tables look very lifelike, sometimes feeling like you could reach on the other side of the screen and touch them.

If you want to play a match with your friends, don't worry - the game has hotseat multi-player mode, with up to eight players at once (taking their turns with each ball).

Probably the best game of its genre, with gameplay, music and graphics still awesome despite its age. Definitely recommended both for die-hard pinball players and those who only play them every once in a while.

Sequel to Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Illusions is the last game in Digital Illusions' trilogy of pinball games and they finished it off with a bang! =) The conversion of the AGA-only Amiga game was done by Frontline Design, and as with Pinball Fantasies they did an excellent job with it. The game features three tables, namely Law n' Justice, Babewatch and Extreme Sports. All three are fantastic. One notable new feature is multi-ball, also the overall feel is even more realistic. The graphics are great, as again are the sound effects and the music by Olof Gustaffson. An excellent game and for sure the ultimate 2D pinball game on any system. This is the floppy version of the game. The CD version has four(?) tables and CD music.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (429 MB).


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