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George, Lizzy and Ralph were just ordinary Americans, until an experiment went wrong, turning them into a Gorilla, Lizard and Werewolf respectively. Following this, the three of them plan to go round destroying buildings, and up to 3 human players can join in.

Smashing at the edges of the buildings for long enough will make them collapse. The police and military are after you, and will shoot at you, so try to destroy them (failing that, you can avoid the bullets). You will need to eat regularly, with things like plants on offer, to avoid shrinking back to being human

Who has not watched some old horror movie in which a monster (usually a huge lizard or a gigantic ape) is destroying some big city skyline, and thought WHY should HE have all the fun?

Well, thanks to ActiVision YOU may now fulfil these dreams of yours, be they destroying buildings, killing soldiers, crushing helicopters, stepping on cars or stealing women.

But, if you want to stay alive for a while there are some advice you ought to listen to. First of all gather some of your friends to play the game with you. You have a much bigger chance of surviving if you work together. Just be careful where you are slapping. You with hurt your friends if you hit them. Also try to avoid the attacks made by the soldiers and helicopters as these can wreck some mayor havoc on your body! So eat them all! That's right, eat them. You get back some of your life that way, but the women are best. Also you should be aware of items hidden inside of buildings. You might find some life, but you may also find some explosives or electrical apparatuses. One thing you should try to avoid is falling down the skyscrapers. If you see smoke at the bottom, you should jump off the building before it collapses.

There isn't anything else to it, really. Go out there and trash both the city and your keyboard!

Rampage is a decent PC conversion of Bally/Midway's popular arcade game. This is a side-scrolling action game for up to 3 players, in which you, mutated into a giant monster, have to trash one US city after the other. You can choose to be Ralph the Wolf, George the Big Ape, or Lizzie the Lizard. Playable, but not worth the name of the much superior arcade game. If you have never played the arcade version, you will find Rampage a fun game that's worth a few sittings, especially if you can find friends to play with. If you have seen the arcade original, though, you'll be sorely disappointed with this release.

In Rampage you take on the roles of one of three huge monsters - an ape, a lizardman and a wolfman. The object of the game is to knock down all of the buildings on each level, but theres a catch. Not only are the other 2 monsters competing with you but the military has also been called in. So you will have tanks shooting at you from below and helicopters buzzing around your head. Luckily if take too much damage you can just reach inside someone's apartment window and um.. get yourself a snack ;)

Lose too much energy and you will revert to human (nekkid) form and have to sidestep off screen, covering your shame (be careful though, because you just know one of those other big sods will just pick you up and pop you into their mouth.

Rampage is a fun and addictive game, maybe lacking in depth but with a lot of replayability. Download it, it's good.

Don't you love it when those mutated giant monsters destroy all those buildings? Didn't you ever think hey, this must be fun? This is your chance - take the role of George (aka King Kong), Lizzie (aka Godzilla) or Ralph (uuuuh... some kind of werewolf I guess) and destroy buildings and helicopters that are chasing you. You can even play with up to three players at the same time. Destructive and fun this one.

A hit game from 1986 introduces a strange arcade game in which you have to crush buildings while controlling one of the three beasts that look like a huge gorilla (King Kong type), a huge werewolf and a Godzilla. To destroy a building you have to punch it like a madman (madbeast) until it collapses. You will be interrupted by helicopters and building inhabitants while you are destroying the cities. The game has more than 300 levels so there's a lot to play...

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