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Sango Fighter is a versus fighting game set in the Three Kingdoms era in China. The player can choose between five different characters from the time period, and fight other characters in either a one-on-one combat or a story mode. The story is loosely based on real historical events of the Three Kingdoms era: towards the end of the Han Dynasty, China was controlled by the Emperor Ling, who was in turn controlled by ten of his servants in the royal palace. This created a convenient atmosphere for bandits, and the land was in turmoil. Then the Emperor ordered the ten dukes to take it on themselves to restore peace in the land, but the dukes instead fought amongst themselves. Finally, the duke Cao Cao took the Emperor captive and he now controls the realm. The player, however, must use five fighters to take on Cao Cao's forces and restore equilibrium to the land.

The download for this game will take you to the official site - the game has become freeware and can be downloaded from that website for free.

Sango Fighter is an arcade fighting game from a former Chinese company, Panda Entertainment. The game came out in 1993 but received little attention, though it was very well made for its time.

The actual story of the game is set in the final years of the Eastern Han Dynasty. There was chaos in the land under the rule of Emperor Ling, so he ordered the dukes to unite and bring order and peace. But the dukes preferred to fight each other rather than save the country. The duke Tsao Tsao captured the emperor and conquered one half of the country. Now it's up to Liu Pei and his Five Tigers to stand against the evil Tsao Tsao and free the emperor.

In the game you can choose to play in Story Mode, where you choose up to five fighters of the "good" side and fight against each of Tsao Tsao's minions until you reach and defeat Tsao Tsao himself. During every fight you first need to defeat one or two lower soldiers, and after that the actual opponent will show up. If you don't manage to kill him fast enough, he will retire and the two lower soldiers will fight you again. When you defeat them again, the duke will come out with the same health he had when he left the battle.

The second game mode is Battle, where you can choose all of the fighters in the game to reach a highscore at the end. After each round, the time and life you have left are counted up and added to your entire score. The more life you have at the end of the fight and the faster you killed your opponent, the more points you'll get. After every fourth fight an arcade minigame appears, where you have to shoot the flying birds to increase your score.

The last option is a fight between two players. The first person who wins two battles is the victor, and the game returns to the main menu.

The controls in the game are rather simple but effective. Every warrior has four special attacks which are quite easy to master. You can set the controls to the right or left keyboard side, or you can use a joypad in the game. The game balance, on the other hand, is not perfect, but good enough. Each character will find certain opponents very easy to defeat, and others to be extremely challenging. There is one fighter with whom you can actually defeat every other opponent because of his very far reaching attacks. You'll have to find out for yourself which one it is. : )

The music is sufficient, but can become boring and disturbing with time. The sounds are very well done, but the sound is a little oversampled at times.

Animations of the fighters are also very well done, so you feel like you are in a Kung-Fu movie. Even the background is well animated, but everything is cartoon-like, so the game cannot be graphically confused with other similar games of the time, like Mortal Kombat.

If you like beat-'em-up games with realistic and detailed fighting animations, this game was made for you. If you need to get out some stress, the game is perfectly suitable for that. If you have never played beat-'em-up games before, give this one a try, I'm sure you'll like it!

Sango Fighter 1 and 2 are two excellent side-scrolling fighting games from underrated Taiwanese eveloper Panda are based on the epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel (as depicted in KOEI's classic strategy series). The novel's most famous characters are presented faithfully here, e.g. Zhang Fei's moves are powerful but slow, while Lu Bu is faster and more graceful. The story mode allows you to follow plot developments, and in Sango Fighter 2 you can even plan which of the 16 cities to defend and attack in addition to choosing your champion for each fight.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (2.61 MB).


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