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As a ninja with a mission to "redeem Naipusan, the once peaceful land that was destroyed by the northern armies", you have to defeat the evil Shogun of Death. Shadow Knights is a platform game where you try to complete several levels, such as a village, a cemetery or a castle, before confronting the final boss. On each level, you'll encounter a lot of enemies - initially dogs and ninjas with clubs and bows, but more types of enemies appear later. To defeat them, you can slash at them with your sword. However, your ninja also has magic powers. He can spend this magical energy to toss magical projectiles at the enemies, or to restore his health. Depleted magical energy can be refilled by collecting golden spheres scattered throughout the levels.

A Ninja warrior, equiped with a katana and some magic knowledge is fighting across the land of Naipusan on his Path of Destiny - destiny to defeat the evil Shogun of Death. You must take the role of this righteous eastern warrior to bring down armies of evil and restore peace in the land.

With this classic hero story comes a scrolling action-plaform game. Generally, you have to get to the end of the level. Ninja can run, jump up and down (CTRL+U/D), duck and attack with his sword (ALT). A Few boxes in upper-left corner of the screen show your energy, while boxes in upper-right show magic left. Magic can be used to heal energy (SPACE) or to throw magic stars (ENTER). You pick small yellow circles for magic. Rarely, circle can be in other colours for more magic, energy etc...

The screen can scroll in every direction, although it won't scroll up and down if there are no higher/lower platforms. Some levels, on the other hand, won't scroll much to the left/right. Still, this game is focusing on action with just few more elements added to be more interesting. The general concept of Shadow Knights doesn't allow it to become anything more than average, and so are the tehnical parts of the game.

So, is this one even worth a try? Definitely! It is action you care about, right? If so, then this game can give you something to play with. There are various types of enemies and every one of them has his own way of attacking. Don't think that you can just stand swinging your katana. Speed and reflexes is what you need to finish this one and it is far from easy. Gameplay is very simple and is allowing you to get the maximum of acton.

Bottom line is: this will be entertaining to action lovers, especially those who are cravig for ninja games.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.47 MB).


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