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Skunny is a side-scrolling arcade action game consisting of six worlds to explore and conquer. The story: Skunny, an animated skunk, is off on a world spanning tour to collect treasures marked on an ancient treasure map he's discovered. In his frenetic chase he'll go to arctic caves, an enchanted castle, a pirate ship, an oriental temple, a desert oasis and the Egyptian pyramids. He'll also find secret passages, bonus levels and rooms, power-ups and extra lives as he speeds through the screens.

In 32-bit arcade action, Skunny will hurdle 3D-animated obstacles, race through dangerous areas, jump, spin, dive, run, duck and perform any number of other actions throughout 100 levels in his pursuit of treasure. A tutorial level is included to ease the player into the fast-paced action. Skunny contains an interactive level editor that allows you to customize and edit levels or create new ones. The game has over 750,000 graphic game elements.

Skunny was developed under the auspices of Sunstorm Interactive by Magic Touch Productions, Inc..

Skunny has returned once again in another side-scrolling game. The graphics have been somewhat updated over his previous adventures, but that same classic gameplay remains. Skunny is traveling around this game world in search of treasure, all the while avoiding his enemies.

Last and best entry in the semi-popular Skunny series of platform games from Magic Touch, starring a cartoony squirrel who looks like a distant cousin of Jazz Jackrabbit. First (and last) in the series to be marketed as a full commercial game (the rest are shareware), Skunny 32-bit sees our squirrel hero cross-cross the world to six locations in search of ancient treasure. The locations are colorful and varied, spanning a pirate ship, arctic caverns, enchanted castles, Egyptian pyramids, desert oasis and an oriental temple.

With over 100 levels to conquer, you will face dozens of cool 3D animated objects and secret passages with treasures and bonuses galore. The engine, upgrade to 32-bit for Windows, is very fast, with smooth scrolling, multiple layers, crisp 256-color graphics, and hundreds of thousands of graphics tiles. Best of all, Skunny includes a built-in interactive level editor with which you can customize levels, edit levels on the fly and easily create custom levels for unlimited game play. Well worth a look, especially for fans of Jazz Jackrabbit or Zool. It is by far not as inventive as those two games, but it does offer dozens of hours of platform fun for gamers of all ages. Recommended!

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (22.6 MB).


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