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Fight as either Red Beard or One Eye through various pirate themed levels, like ships and forts, and even some non-pirate themed levels, battling ninjas, skeletons, and others in a quest to get back your hard earned money from an evil wizard. You can also fight side by side with a friend (who controls the pirate you didn't choose).

Fighting works like fencing, with a few different moves to use, including parrying. The levels scroll through with a boss at the end of each. You gain money by vanquishing foes and digging for treasure where X marks the spot.

The pirates are here, ready to collect treasure and destroy anybody and anything that stands in their way.

Fight your way through various ships, forts and other devilish hideouts in the skin of One Eye the fearless pirate. You'll be defeating other pirates, conquistadors, ninjas, skeletons and other merry folks who were bonded together by an evil wizard who has your treasure (and princess, by some gossip talk) and doesn't intend to give it back to you easily. You can also fight side by side with a friend, who in that case controls Red Dog, another brave and revenge-thirsty pirate.

The levels scroll from one end to another and there is a boss waiting for you at the end of each - bosses are either tough (have more energy) or quick (hit you faster). You gain money by vanquishing foes and digging for treasure where crossbones signs lie on the ground; there are various values of treasure. One Eye is controlled by direction keys and one action key for attacking with his trusty sword. It is easy to get into shape: The main trick is to avoid being hit by enemies because your health is limited (50 points). Health is restored by eating fruit and meat that are found on the ground. Foes attack one at a time, which makes this game perfectly balanced. If you die you can try again (from the point where you died) three times and then it's game over.

Graphics are ok by my opinion; it was 1991 after all. Foes are varied enough and bosses are interesting as well, but the evil wizard looks ridiculous, like some horny cat-human thing in a robe, pooh. There is no sound, only backround music, which is nice. Just don't play it too loud, because then it gets annoying.

All in all, Skull & Crossbones is a nice game worth playing for all metuzalem-game lovers (like myself). Two things are bad in my book about this title: First is that you have to redefine controls every time you start a game (you don't have to but the original key positions are just stupid). Second demerit is that there is no highscore table, which would spice up a challenge even more. I suggest that you play the game in EGA or VGA mode - they look the same to me but are certainly better than CGA mode.

Shout one more Haaarrr! and press the download button!!! :)

A dull pirate fencing platform game from Tengen, Skull and Crossbones is much inferior to the swordfighting sequence in Sid Meier's Pirates!, despite more detailed graphics and Caribbean scenery. Your character, the ship's captain, is blocky, and animated with very jerky movements. True, there is a few swordfighting moves you can make, but they all look quite similar anyway, and turning to face the other direction can be an exercise in frustration. The enemy pirates, with the exception of a few end-level bosses, all look the same and aren't even smart enough to move around-- sometimes they will just stack up on top of each other in one corner of the screen, looking more like bowling pins than human beings. Play this one only if you're really bored of Pirates! swordfighting, although I can't imagine why :) A disappointment, to say the least.

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