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Sky Shark is a top-down shooter similar to Raiden. You start off with four lives and three bombs. With that (you can get more lives at certain point intervals, and more bombs can be found), you, the "Sky Shark" of your squadron, blast through five levels of enemy-infested battlefields with as many as six gun upgrades. (Aside from the bombs and the gun upgrade, there are no other weapons to be found at all.) Includes three difficulty levels and two-player support.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... uh, well, yes it is a plane... but it's more than that... It's Sky Shark! Taito presents another arcade to PC remake.

In Sky Shark you patrol the skies in your very own fighter plane, equipped with unlimited missiles and a few bombs. You can collect power-ups along the way, to increase your fighter plane's firepower, and add additional bombs. Control is via keyboard, joystick or mouse. I only played using the mouse - and offers two players, alternating turns.

You fight a large variety of enemy planes, mostly bi-planes, tanks with gun turrets and other little surprises along the way. The graphics really detract from the gameplay, but consider the fact that it is a 1988 game.

Even accounting for the age of the game, Sky Shark is more tuna than shark. It is a small download, so you may want to try it for five minutes, simply so you can say you've played it. Otherwise, I have some fresh paint that you may want to watch dry!

Sky Shark is a faithful conversion of early Taito classic arcade game. A top-down shooter similar to Raiden, Sky Shark is much more accessible to beginners due to more forgiving enemies and a generous number of starting lives. You start the game with four lives and three bombs, but you can get many more in the game.

The name of the game refers to your call sign, i.e. "Sky Shark" of a nondescript World War II squadron. Your goal: blast through five levels with as many as six gun upgrades. Although most levels look similar to each other, the end-level bosses are appropriately tough to kill, and good music and animations make the game a pleasant time waster. With three difficulty levels and two-player hot-seat support, Sky Shark is a well-rounded shooter that deserves not to fall through the cracks of time :) Recommended, although by no means a must-have.

Just an good old topdown shooter. But the graphic part is a littlebit strange. For explosions strange colors are used. The music is nice.

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