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A Space Invaders clone. Defend earth from endless waves of attacking aliens. Shoot the UFO for extra points.

The legendary Space Invaders was transported onto PC platforms in 1983 by a company named AJF, but the name had to be changed. It was named Space Commanders and here it is now. Control your spaceship and shoot at alien creatures as well as their ships at the highest screen levels. Nice and easy.

Space Commanders is another arcade shooter game and one of the first ones for the PC format. As you might notice it is a clone if the classic Space Invaders but sadly it really isn't much more than that which is always a bit sad with clones since there really isn't any point in releasing a new games that is almost a complete copy of a game that has already been out for a while.

The actual game is actually quite simple. You have to blow up as many enemies as possible before they reach your spaceship. There are quite a few levels but the only real difference between them is a few new enemies replacing the first ones and that the difficulty is increasing a bit because they move a bit faster on each new level. Both the graphics and sounds are limited but that is mainly caused by the limited technology the developers had available at the time the game was published.

Overall not an impressive game at all and I'm not impressed at all with this game. This is mainly caused by that I'm not a fan of clones that offers almost the exact same game play as the game the developers have based the game on because why make a game that is already done with just a few different colours? Still - any Space Invaders clone is addicting and you will still be able to enjoy Space Commanders for a little while. But there are tons of other clones that are much better.

Okay - everybody knows Space Invaders! I won't have to tell you the story of THAT game!?! Aaaaaaaalright, there are those evil Aliens - the Space Invaders - and they want to conquer the world. YOU are the only one who can stop them - Mankind relies on you! The Space Invaders concept is always good for a little bit of fun in the lunchbreak or so. Though there are many different Space Invaders-Games out there (some of them even using Color!!!) I think this one is one of the most playable versions - the graphics are not THAT great, but still okay.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.35 MB).


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