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The arcade game is back! Destroy those aliens before they destroy you. With three lives, you must fight back at the aliens with your space ship as they come closer and closer. Can you wipe them out before they wipe you out?A screen full of aliens coming closer and closer is not the easiest situation to be in. As the aliens get closer, their speed will increase, making it very difficult to stop them. Good hunting!

The sequel to Space Commanders 1. Except for the brush up in the graphics and very few changes to some levels as well as new ones not much can be reported as few features in Space Commanders 2. The actual game play is still the same and the game like the first game in the series still a poor clone of the popular Space Invaders as nothing unique is offered.

Your mission in the game is to shoot as many enemies as possible before they reach you. There are numerous levels although they don't look that different from each other except for a few changes to the enemies and they are also getting as a bit harder to hit and of course move faster. As mentioned Space Commanders 2 doesn't offer anything unique but in my opinion is almost any Space Invaders clone worth playing even if the graphics are CGA as they were in the first game (EGA is used in this one which is a bit easier on the eyes).

Space Commanders 2 is a below average arcade game mainly caused by the repeat game play and I'm not a huge fan of game clones offering pretty much nothing new compared to the original game. Still a little improvement compared to the original Space Invaders clone but isn't what you could expect from a sequel.

Okay - everybody knows Space Invaders! I won't have to tell you the story of THAT game!?! Aaaaaaaalright, there are those evil Aliens - the Space Invaders - and they want to conquer the world. YOU are the only one who can stop them - Mankind relies on you! The Space Invaders concept is always good for a little bit of fun in the lunchbreak or so. Though there are many different Space Invaders-Games out there (some of them even using Color!!!) I think this one is one of the most playable versions while on the other hand providing a lot of retro feeling through the minimalistic monochrome graphics. Btw.: That graphic's pretty good if you got a laptop with a monochrome display.

Monochrome version of Space Commanders actually. Since not everyone had a CGA card in 1984, AJF had to make a monochrome version of a rather popular game of that time.

The legendary Space Invaders was transported onto PC platforms in 1983 by a company named AJF, but the name had to be changed. It was named Space Commanders and here it is now. Control your spaceship and shoot at alien creatures as well as their ships at the highest screen levels. Nice and easy.

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