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Spear of Destiny was the commercial sequel to the shareware classic Wolfenstein-3D. In this game you reprise your role of a lone soldier fighting the Nazi's behind enemy lines during World War II.

The game is played from a first person perspective. You have a single mission, to recover the mystical spear, and to do so you have to get through 20 levels of the heavily defended Nazi stronghold.

Just as in the original Wolfenstein, you see what your character sees as you move down hallways, open doors, etc. The foes you face range from guard dogs and measly pistol packing Nazis to more fearsome opponents like three-armed mutants and buffed-out chaingun toting bosses. All enemies and objects are displayed using two-dimensional graphics.

Your arsenal may include a knife, pistol, machine gun and rapid-fire chain gun. In addition to requiring quick reactions, you are also usually required do some exploring to find one or two keys to advance to the next level. To help you along the way, the levels are littered with power-ups to increase your health and ammo. User created levels and level editors are available to allow you to expand the adventure.

It's World War II and you are B.J. Blazkowicz, the Allies' most valuable agent. In the midst of the German Blitzkrieg, the Spear that pierced the side of Christ is taken from Versailles by the Nazis and secured in the impregnable Castle Wolfenstein. According to legend, no man can be defeated when he has the Spear. Hitler believes himself to be invincible with the power of the Spear as his brutal army sweeps across Europe.

Your mission is to infiltrate the heavily guarded Nazi stronghold and recapture the Spear from an already unbalanced Hitler. The loss of his most coveted weapon could push him over the edge. It could also get you ripped to pieces.

Spear of Destiny is a prequel to Wolfenstein 3-D. It is a first-person shooter that uses the same engine and has the same gameplay, however the game is not divided into 6 separate episodes - all the levels are one long episode. The enemies and weapons are pretty much the same as in Wolfenstein 3-D. Only new additions include: new bosses, a new type of enemy, and a new pickup (a large box of ammo).

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