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Badh the queen has imposed a terrible vengeance on the land by kidnapping the fairies. To restore things their rightful way, you must rescue them. As you progress through the levels of platform-adventure action, you will come across fairies which are rescued by touching them. Enemies include Venus Fly Traps, localized acid rain showers and dragons, which can be avoided or shot in the bonus shoot 'em up sections. You will need help to reach some levels; this comes from Mael Dvin the Eagle. After each level there's a bonus game in which tears must be collected for points.

Stormlord is a nice arcade/adventure game by Hewson, made in 1989. The story of the game is simple: an evil witch has trapped all the fairies that kept the lands you live in nice and beautiful, letting her evil minions roam the land. Your goal, as the Stormlord, is to release all the fairies and save the inhabitants of this land so that peace and harmony may be restored. You have to complete the various levels by releasing all the fairies in them within the time limit, while battling baddies and gaining score. It might seem like your typical platformer, but it has some adventure elements.

You can pick up items throughout the game which you can use later, like keys for doors, or even honey. You're probably wondering how. Well, there will be bees in your path, and if you don't want to lose a life getting through them, all you have to do is find a nearby item and switch it with honey, which attracts the bees. Most items are used in a similiar fashion since you can't drop them, just switch with others. You'll also have the help of an eagle which will instantly take you from one point to another on a level which would normally be unreachable. You can attack in two ways: quickly hitting the fire key will make the stormlord fire bolts of energy, while holding it for a while and letting go fires a powerful sword.

The game features some nice and pleasing graphics for its time, though the sound is nothing special, just basic PC Speaker. You can also redefine the keys, something I enjoy since most games back then didn't feature that. Overall, Stormlord is a pretty good and fun platformer and it should keep you busy when you don't have anything else to do.

Stormlord is an excellent tongue-in-cheek arcade/adventure casting you in the role of Stormlord the hard man, in his quest to rescue fairydom and the rest of the inhabitants of his land from the evil witch. Under this cliche premise, your goal is to locate and rescue a give number of fairies to pass to the next level-- under time limit, of course, as this is a Hewson game.

Despite this cliche premise, Stormlord is not your typical hack-and-slash side scroller. As one can expect from the developer of very original action/puzzle games, Stormlord has some interesting features although it's more action-intensive than previous Hewson releases. For a start, there are many objects you can pick up and use in traditional adventure-game style. Their uses are almost always obvious; for example, you can swap a honey pot with another item near the bees, to attract them to move away from the fairy, leading to an easy rescue.

Another neat feature is the springboard. Like all other objects, the correct use of this is crucial. Acting like a teleporter, the springboard transports you from one location to another when you walk over it, although you might spring a trap at landing. Stormlord can shoot out either bolts of energy or a powerful sword, depending on how quickly you press the keys. Overall, Stormlord is a fun side-scroller that isn't as original as Hewson's most famous classics (e.g. Nebulus), but is still a lot of fun to play. Great for whiling away those few hours in between more intense games. Recommended.

Rob's review: "Nice fantasy jump'n run by Hewson. Pretty hard but addicting in typical Cecco action-puzzle manner. All other versions (Amiga, Atari ST, C64) of Stormlord had one thing in common: Amazing music by Johannes Bjerregaard, Jeroen Tel and Charles Deenen! As expected, the PC version falls short in that department. Requires a slow-down util on modern computers."

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