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Techno Cop is set in the near future. You are a cop who seeks to clear his town of all the criminal scum. The game consists of two parts; one driving-action and one sidescrolling-action. In the first part you drive around in your red Ferrari and destroy hostile cars; in the second part, you turn somersaults over gaps, use elevators and shoot lots of enemies until you reach the boss. After having killed / caught the villain, it's back to the road again for the next mission.

Techno Cop is an action based game with a lot of driving and shooting. It offers a mix between driving towards a place avoiding different enemies that are trying to get you off the road. When you complete that you will have to either kill or capture a criminal while killing the people that protect him.

The driving part of the game looks like a cheap version of a game like Lotus Esprit Challenge but it's nicely done without too many functions. You have to avoid the other cars either by racing from them or get them off the road in one way or another. This sequence of the game ends once you have reached the destination you were giving at first.

The next part of the game is when you arrive at the destination where the criminal is located. Before the mission starts you have been told whether you have to kill the criminal or just capture him. Your equipment is a regular gun and a gun that can shoot a net (to capture with). Each mission only have a certain amount of time to complete it within so you often have to hurry.

Techno Cop is a somewhat different action game using a good idea to mix a regular side scrolling shooter game with a racing game. The graphics are quite good considering the game is from 1988. The game will run way too fast for any new computer and you won't be able to get from joy from it unless you manage to play it at a reasonable speed. The game is worth a try.

Techno Cop is a good futuristic cop game that offers two game styles: racing and platform shooter. Your job is simple: first, make your way to a crime scene. The screen shows your damage (it is game over if your car gets too damaged), your distance left to go, the time you have left to get there, mission goals (e.g. picture of a hostage to rescue) and criminal information (picture, description etc.). Other drivers will try to ram you off the road, so you must either avoid or (naturally) dispose of them.

When you get to the building, you will be given the orders regarding the criminal (dead or alive). Gameplay then switches to a fun isometric side scroller which is easy to learn but hard to win. A radar which shows the relative position of the criminal helps find your way, but you have a limited time to find him or her. You must contend not only with the usual thugs, but also the various floor gaps, traps etc. Capturing (or killing) the criminal usually yields helpful items you can use in future missions (such as turbocharge for your car). There are 10-15 levels that get much harder and bigger so that it is impossible to finish the last ones without mapping. The ending is disappointing, as you are only shown your high score and there is no "closure" to the plot. Also, the control scheme is horrible-- nothing compared to the ease of original Commodore 64 version. Still, the furious action, fun 2-style gameplay, and challenging enemies make this a fun game for action gamers of all ages IF you can grasp the controls.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (5.76 MB).


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