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This game plays very similar to Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers.

Tom has mouse-napped Jerry's nephew Tuffy and locked him in a trunk in the attic. You and your furry little buddy Jerry must dash, jump, and climb from the basement up through every level of the house to rescue him in time.

Jerry's main defense is his unlimited supply of marbles. Pick up other items such as bubble gum, meat cleaver, cups of water, moth balls, hammer, invisible ink and drill to overcome the enemies and obstacles in your way. Make sure you outwit Tom whenever he appears.

Look for cheese power-ups and mouse hole bonus stages along the way.

Tom has done it again! He has kidnapped Jerry's cousin Tuffy and it's up to you (you're Jerry) to rescue the poor little blue mouse.

This game is a typical side scrolling action game. You control the little but famous brown mouse by the name of Jerry. You move him with the cursor keys, jump with ctrl and use inventory items with alt. With space you can change different items, but I suggest you keep the blue marble handy, as it is your primary weapon against all sorts of stuff you'll have to fight or avoid on the way (from toy soldiers to different bugs).

The game unfortunately has no save feature, so if you restart it, you'll have to play it all over again. Luckily if you don't exit the game, you'll be able to continue from the beginning of the level you were currently in.

The game is not too hard, but it's not really easy either. The graphics are nice enough, but there's not much I can say about the sound. All in all this is an average game, getting an average score. The only thing that makes it stand out a little is the title. They made a mediocre game based on very famous characters and achieved at least some recognition, but this still won't get you hooked on the game.

Yay, this cartoon was cool, as so is the game. It's actually the second Tom & Jerry game made the first one being "Tom & Jerry: A Yankee Doodle CAT-astrophe"

Tuffy (Jerry's nephew) has been kidnapped by Tom, and you have to help Jerry rescue him. You will encounter weird enemies such as wind up teeth etc (hehe, that's cool). You may just be a mouse, but you are Jerry, and no clicking teeth can stand in your way! You have to go through the house and rescue Tuffy from the paws of that naughty Tom.

This game is your standard side scrolling platform game. Run and jump, dodge the stuff. The graphics are great, and the sound is what you would expect. PC speaker sound.

To tell the truth, I would rather have been Tom, I've always wished that Tom could just beat Jerry JUST ONCE! But alas, that's too much to ask. Maybe Sylvester can get Tweety instead?

Tom (the 'frantic feline' as it says in the intro ;) ) mouse-napped Jerry's nephew Tuffy and now it's your turn (taking over the role of Jerry) to rescue him from the attic. A nice while not smashing Jump 'n Run. Fans of the genre will surely like it, but it's also fun for a little round if you are not so much into Jump 'n Runs. The game's not too hard, mostly fair and the controls are ok. Nothing to complain, but nothing that makes you go 'ah' and 'oh' if you know what I mean. Somewhere around the average I'd say.

Continuing Hi-Tech Expressions' deluge of platform games based on cartoon characters is Tom & Jerry, the second game based on popular cat-and-mouse pair. Nothing revolutionary here, just good ol' platform action that fans of the cartoons will enjoy, especially because the antics of Tom and Jerry are very faithful to the show. This time Tom's mouse-napped Jerry's nephew Tuffy and locked him in a trunk up in the attic. Now it's up to you to help your furry little buddy, Jerry, dash his way up from the basement through every level of the house in order to rescue Tuffy in time. Along the way, you'll encounter dozens of household obstacles, hidden dangers and hilarious surprises... not to mention lots and lots of cheese. Be on a lookout for that devious cat!

Those who like Hi-Tech's earlier Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers will probably enjoy the game, as well as fans of CAT-astrophe, the first Tom & Jerry game. The addition of inventory is a nice touch, as is the vibrant graphics and bonus levels.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.62 MB).


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