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His girlfriend had always had great expectations and one day, by an incredible chance an apple which has fallen right down our caveman's head creates a thought of an aircraft that he can use to earn money. So he makes the machine and uses it for the transport--for picking the other cave friends up and dropping them to their desired destinations. Ugh! is an action game where you must complete 69 levels, riding inside a pedal-powered helicopter to pick up passengers and carry them to their destinations. Each level is made of a series of platforms, with several cave entrances. Cavemen walk out of the caves and loudly announce where they want to go. You have to land your helicopter taxi next to the passenger and wait until he crawls inside (if you land on him, he'll fall into the water at the bottom of the level, although he can still be rescued) and then fly to the cave that he wants to get to. Controlling the vehicle is a bit complicated - you cannot directly fly up or down; instead, you have to keep pedalling to fly up, and cease pedalling when you want to go downwards. Bumping into a wall too hard will cause a game over and force you to restart the level. There is also a time limit for each level. To finish a level, you have to serve a number of customers. There are some dinosaur adversaries on certain levels - a pterodactyl which appears unexpectedly and flies across the screen, and a triceratops which becomes agitated when you land near and charges at your taxi. As you pedal, you exert energy. To refill your energy so that you can keep pedalling, you can pick up a rock and toss it at a tree, making a fruit drop down. Eat the fruit to get more energy.

In Ugh! you basically play the role of a prehistoric taxi driver. You have a little craft that functions on a principle similar to that of a helicopter. You have to transport people between various platforms and stops, while being careful not to damage your craft and avoid all kinds of pesky creatures that will make your job more difficult.

You can also pick up rocks and bombard trees for extra time, or disable creatures for a moment. The game itself has a very positive "atmosphere" and gives a very friendly impression so its also suitable for small kids. Every time you complete a certain level, you get a secret code that you can later use so that you don't have to start from the beginning. Another treat that this game offers is two-player mode that is very entertaining.

Even though the basic concept is simple, the game is able to keep you occupied for hours since the missions are pretty diverse. Sound effects are very soft and relaxing so I have no objections to that. The only drawback to the game is that I found it impossible to complete one level, so that's why I give it a 4/5 mark!

Ugh! A game about a caveman with a flying taxi. Weird, isn't it? Little bit of action, but a bit more puzzle-like in style this game comes up slowly hooking ya. Pick up your passengers and fly them to whereever they tell you. Beware of flying dinosaurs and other things. The game has a unique concept both funny and challenging as the levels are different enough to make you play on. A nice small game that is more than worth the short download-time.

Pilot your home-made airborne caveman aircraft to pick others up and drop them to their desired destinations. Very fun game!

In Ugh! you are a stone age taxi driver. You have to take people from platform to another. There are dinosaurs and other creatures on your way so the task is not so simple. Your man-powered stone age helicopter will be destroyed if you land with a high velocity, but if you carry people fast enough you will receive multipliers that multiple the amount of score received when a person is carried to a platform.

The graphics are great, the scrolling is smooth and the musical tune is quite good. The playability is excellent and there's even an option to play the game with two players. The levels are different for two player games, so there's a little catch to play the game with two players after you're done with the one player game. Ugh! is a great fun to play. Good idea, good playability, simple fun. Thumbs up!

Good conversion of the Amiga game. Ugh! is a neat clone of Space Taxi, a great Commodore 64/Amiga classic that was never made for the PC. Instead of a future scenario, Ugh! is set in the direct opposite time period: prehistoric era.

As in Space Taxi, Ugh! is all about flying around in various single screen 2D landscapes, picking up people and flying them to wherever they want to go. Each single-screen level contains a number of platforms which you can land on. When you start playing, some small people will appear on the platforms, waving at you. If you land near them, they will board your prehistoric taxi and tell you which platform they want you to fly them to. You will get extra bonus points for getting passengers to their destination before time runs out.

What makes Ugh! a lot of fun is the devious layout of levels, all of which are filled with various traps, switches, doors and other things which will either hinder or help your progress. Some levels feature strange physics that affect your control of the taxi, while others contains magnetic fields and wind. In addition to all this, you've got to watch your fuel reserves. Each level has a refuelling platform, but fuel costs points. For every unit of fuel you get, you'll pay with a point from your score.

Ugh! requires both reflexes and careful planning to succeed. The levels will start off very easy, but once you begin to get used to the controls, you will be presented with much harder challenges. Space Taxi fans will find Ugh! incredibly addictive, both as a solo- and multi-player game.

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