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You are The Untouchables in this side-scrolling action game. Play as Elliot Ness after the ruthless Mafia boss Al Capone. You have various tasks throughout the six levels and a variety of weapons to pick up such as a shotgun or tommy gun. Watch out for Capone's henchmen though.

Prohibition Chicago, 1931.

A select team of goverment investigators were created, led by a young determined federal treasury agent. They would not be bought. They knew no fear. They would risk everything to stop Al Capone's reign of terror when organised crime turned the city into a battlefield. They were... THE UNTOUCHABLES

This was intro on C64 for the action game made after the blockbuster movie. You play as Elliot Ness and his men, always with hats, fighting bad guys. Game was made for almost all computers and could provide few hours of entertaiment. It was far from highest marks, but still it was fun. You play through six levels, trying to follow the movie. You played every level in completly different way. Game was short and fun.

Unfortunally, PC version is very bad. Game is simpley too hard, with very bad graphics. The feeling of old Chicago and white and black hats is nowhere to be found, as you have to run like hell in order to stay alive and finish the level. It is very easy to die and then you start from the begining. Only thing that might draw you to this game is fine animation, so at least moving is not annoying. Game can be quite interesting if you are dying for fast action game, and also if you don't mind poor graphics and your own nerves (read: you have to be VERY persistant).

First level takes place in warehouse where you have to rush all around trying to collect evidence. This means that you have to collect 10 boxes with letter 'E' that will remain after killing bad guy in green (some sort of boss, I guess). In the upper-right corner of the screen, there is an arrow that is showing you where the boss is. After you kill one, another appears somewhere on the level. There are 3 kind of enemys, fast and dangerous, and you should kill the ones in grey from time to time, since they might leave better weapon or energy. At least there is no collision with enemies that existed in other versions. You mostly run around jumping and shooting.

You play second level under the bridge, laying on the ground and shooting. You can roll right and left, and in the lower part of the screen you see your own view and use it in order to aim the criminals. Interesting, but is even harder then the first level. Criminals are shooting, but also throw dynamite and Molotov's, and one is enough to finish you.

After you kill them all, you get to the probably most interesting level that takes place on the streets. Hidden behind the corner, holding the double-barrel, you have to fight your way. Enemies come out from corners and windows, and you have to reload after every two shots. Level is in Operation Wolf style, but is very interesting indeed.

In the subway station you fight against bad guys in the down-side scrolling type of game. This is not that simple because there is a small baby in the cradle that you have to protect too (it is not strange, that is taken from the movie). After that you have to shoot a bad guy holding a hostage.

And at the end - well, if you really gonna bother playing this game, then you really don't wanna know everything. Let's leave something for you.

So, only thing that this poor game may offer is lot of quick actoin and should be played by the really "tough" and never-giving-up guys. Following the movie is unlikely to improve low level of entertainment that this game provides, the fact that you play with several of the untouchables through the game is somewhat interesting.

Too bad that this PC version is not much much better.

The Untouchables is a horrible platform action in six different episodes, based on Brian DePalma's movie of the same name. You are cast as one of The Untoucables, Elliot Ness, who is going after the ruthless Mafia boss Al Capone. You have various tasks throughout the six levels and a variety of weapons to pick up such as a shotgun or tommy gun to use against Capone's henchmen. The game somehow reminds me of Ocean's Batman: The Movie, just that it's worse. A poor use of blockbuster license, and a lackluster game at best.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.57 MB).


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