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Vlak (translated as Train from Czech) is a freeware 90's clone of Snake. You control a train to collect items scattered around an area while avoiding to crash into something. Every time you obtain a new item, your train will have a new wagon attached to it. The wagons differ in looks based on what kind of item you pick up. The pickups include animals, crowns, diamonds, plants and apples. When you collect all the items, you can exit through a yellow door to advance to a new and even more complicated room. There is an unlimited amount of continues and no highscore, but there are 50 levels while the program weighs only 13 KB.

Here's a cute clone of the famous snake. Instead of a snake you control a train. After picking up objects (diamonds, crowns, trees, animals, cars, fruits...) more wagons appear. After picking up all objects on the level, the small yellow door will open and the train can pass to the next level.

It is still unclear how can a train pass through the door, but the game itself handles this without a problem. It is obvious that the programmer tried to make interesting levels, instead of creating just another clone with better graphics, and it is a good choice.

Later on, levels become more complicated and you won't be able just to drive around finishing levels without trouble. You'll need to observe and figure out how to successfully move your train through.

Graphics are low, but the game looks nice (like Dangerous Dave). Different types of wagons will appear after picking up different objects. This has no influence on the game, but it looks nice and provides some variety. The sound consists of no more than just a few beeps from your PC speaker.

After few easy levels, you'll be playing complex levels with lots of objects (lot of wagons). Levels will become very interesting, often with just a few or one exact way of finishing it. Hard levels like this can create a "hooked-up" feeling, destroying your nerves and making you play it on and on. After all, how can a stupid Snake clone be more than what you can handle?

All in all, this game is a short term fun for everyone. Lovers of Snake-like games won't be disappointed either. Game receives an average mark, but it succeeds to be good in the main parts. Programmer managed to create a real interesting and fun Snake clone.

To start at different levels simply press F4 and put in the password. The five letter words that appear before you enter the level are passwords (and now, these aren't just simple random letters, they are real words, but they are in Czech).

Vlak is a great clone of the classic game Worm that you can see on almost every cell phone under games. The original worms was one of the most simple games ever made but still managed to pull a crowd and was very addictive. Vlak offers the same and while testing the game I noticed that I was at level 13 all of a sudden so Vlak was as addictive as Worm after all - at least for me.

The basic rules of the game are that you have to collect different things such as ice creams, apples, diamonds etc. with a wagon you drive. The more you pick up the longer the train set will get and of course also harder to control. If you hit your own wagons or hit a wall or the exit door you die. Once all items have been collected the exit door will open and you have to drive through it.

The graphics are simple but funny and nicely detailed. The most annoying thing is the controls as they are sometimes delayed which means that you might drive into something - a bit annoying when you are just about to complete a very difficult level. Overall a nice game that offers an easy beginning so you can get familiar with the game.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.36 MB).


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