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Unfortunately I can't say I'm really familiar with Chinese folk tales and legends, that's why I was so surprised, when I immediately recognized the characters of this game. I've seen them in a Chinese animated film when I was still a child. And I can say I came across this game just at the right time, because the Hallmark channel is advertising The Monkey King movie which is based on the same popular Chinese tale of the pilgrimage to the west.

Panda Entertainment is mostly known for their martial arts games, thus one expects a lot of action and great fighting moves in their games. The West Adventure will not disappoint you.

You have three characters to choose from, but they basically have the same moves, which is a slight downside. And once you select a character you need to scroll through the world of ancient China and go west, to complete your pilgrimage and save the kingdom.

The graphics in the game are extremely nice, the animation is smooth and you'll simply love some of the moves and the villains for that matter.

You need to walk and fight, and at some points you'll meet a boss you need to defeat in order to continue. There will also be a few power-ups in the shapes of pots and jars. You need to break them in order to get energy.

The game has no save feature, but you won't have to restart it any time you die. Once you reach the next part, you'll only have to replay that one.

The novel feature is the VS option. You need to know that the game has a two player option. This means two things in this case. Firstly you can invite a friend over and go on the pilgrimage together. So instead of having one character fight all the baddies, you can have two characters fight the baddies. But you can also compete with your friend head to head in the VS mode. In this case the game becomes a classic player VS player martial fighting game (too bad you can't select any of the villains to play in this mode).

Apart from great graphics the game offers a good enough sound, but it's nothing too spectacular. I was hoping for a tune that would remind me more of the ancient China, but then again, I really don't know what kind of music was made back then.

All in all this is a solid side scrolling action game, with the possibility of head to head combat. I think it deserves a high mark.

Released between Panda's Sango Fighter 1and 2, West Adventure is a fun fighting game based on Xi You Ji ("Pilgrim to the West" in English)-- one of China's most popular literary epics that tells the story of the pilgrimage to India of a Chinese monk and his superhuman entourage that comprises a monkey, a pig and a tortoise, each with unique powers. As one of these disciples, you must fight evil minions along the way to India. A lot of fun in 2-player VS mode :)


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