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Overkill is a Mortal Kombat-esque fighting game featuring human, alien, and robot characters in a futuristic/space setting. The characters and backgrounds (which are animated) are 3D-rendered in high resolution SVGA. In addition to the standard single and two-player modes there is also a practice mode.

Overkill was developed and published by ID Interactive (or developed by DynastySoftware, as some sources say) in 1996 (or 1997). It is one-on-one space-themedfighting game that doesn't offer too much...

Graphics are the best aspect off the game. Although 2D, this game features 3Dmodeled characters and futuristic backgrounds in SVGA. Even the main menu of the game has 3D effects, and it looks really good. But, if you scratch under the beautiful surface, you'll find just an average fighting game...

There are 7 characters to choose from, all from different galaxies. The selectionscreen reminds me of the one found in Killer Instinct. Some of the characters willalso remind you off the characters you've already seen somewhere, like T. Iron, who is obviously inspired by T-1000 from T2: The Judgement Day or Cax, who is aripoff of Guile from Street Fighter series. When the round starts, you'll noticethat the animation is not as fluid as in other fighters, so that could be anobstacle in fully enjoying the game.

Sounds... Well, it sounds like much older game, giving you the strange feelingthat some of the sound effects are missing. As for the background music, I can'ttell anything, because its ripped from the version I'm reviewing.

Story mode... ripped, because you won't get anything, when you press "Introduction" at the main menu, nor you'll get a thing when you finish the game and defeat thefinal boss, who might be a secret character. It's really a shame story mode is missing. I can just assume that it consists of some cool 3D rendered pictures or maybe even animations, in full version of the game...

Controls are quite simple. You have three attack buttons - punch, kick and attack, which is another punch or kick, depending on the character, and when you get close, you can use it to throw your opponent. Every character has several special moves, easy to perform, and one super move, that's executed in the same manner for all of the fighters. Super gauge is an interesting part, since it looks like a body silhouette, and it can be charged really fast... The problem is that CPU knowsthat, so be warned, when playing against it.

There are three modes to choose from - 1 Player, 2 Players and Practice. You canadjust timer, number of the rounds, speed and difficulty in options, and thatstands for SFX and Music volume as well. Controls can be configured in external setup.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (16.3 MB).


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