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With so many other clones of the 1994 masterpiece Descent to choose from, this reviewer wasn't initially expecting much from Forsaken, as most spinoffs seem to lack that initial zest of playing a style of game that has never been played before. However, this game ended up being a pleasant surprise. There are few games among it's contemporaries that can rival Forsaken in it's utterly impressive technical savvy and attention to detail. The game is certainly derivative in it's style of gameplay, but fills in many of the technical gaps created in the four years since Descent was released to the public.

A mind boggling, 3D accelerator tour-de-force, Forsaken is one of the few titles that come to mind that truly shows the power and awesome potential that 3D Accelerator cards yield for the hardcore gaming public. With outstanding Direct 3D support out of the box, Forsaken is first and foremost about visual excellence. From the quality and generous use of real-time colored lighting effects to the screen blistering frame rates, the cumulative effect is one of complete immersion. Many times during the course of playing this game you may find yourself head bobbing, trying to peer over a wall or ducking from enemy fire. It's really quite an amazing effect.

You'll further appreciate this game's graphical superiority when watching the numerous little visual goodies such as the smoke trails that follow missiles, the beautiful explosions, and the high amount of detail on the enemy ships. This title is graphically superior and no textual description or screenshots would substitute for seeing this game running right before your eyes -- it's that good.

While a few other titles can claim that they are on par with the game in the visual department, few are able to match this sort of graphical prowess with superior gameplay, and this is where Forsaken really hits a home run. The amount of gameplay variety that's available through the countless number of weapons and powerups should keep most players eager to blast through the levels to both further the ship's power and see the excellent effects associated with those finds.

In addition, the levels themselves are very challenging and most players should find plenty of traps and surprises waiting for them through the many types of environments. The textures and designs of these levels are very polished; the scenery never gets boring. The game always leaves an impression that something fresh to see will be waiting around the corner, and it makes things exciting and enjoyable.

Throw into the mix some incredible enemy AI, impressive sound effects and voice overs, and a thoroughly entertaining multi-player experience to rival id's Quake, and you have the makings of a gaming classic. Sure, it's a derivative concept, but the impressive advantages that this game has over its predecessors makes it worthy of any game player's hard earned money.

Graphics: Hard to find a combination of such lush visuals accompanied by such smooth frame rates.. easily among the best of it's peers

Sound: Voice overs are top notch, add a real edge and sense of humor to the gameplay. Ambient sound effects are very immersive.

Enjoyment: Cumulative effect of high quality sound and graphics makes for an edge of your seat experience. Time flies quickly while playing this game.

Replay Value: Combination of multi-player levels along with the multiple characters and complexity of the levels make Forsaken highly replayable.


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