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Based on the movie series starring Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead: Hail to the King features a mix of action, puzzles, and suspense. Set eight years after the third film, you are Ash, who is being drawn back to the cabin in the woods. So grab your boomstick (shotgun) and chainsaw because it is time to save the world again from the forces of evil. Gameplay allows Ash to attack separately with weapons in both his left and right hands. There are over 20 enemies to combat in a variety of dark settings such as the cabin, cellar, and bridge. Bruce Campbell also lends his voice to the game for some humorous one-liners.

Graphics & Sound:

Ever wonder what a Deadite would look like on a computer screen? The waiting is over. Evil Dead: Hail to the King takes you to the world of the undead a dreary way. (This is a good thing.) I was disappointed with the low resolution and no option to up it (why do you need a 3D card if you can't 'use' it?), but even at 640x480, Ash still looks pretty awesome. You will almost feel the atmosphere of the woods because of the visuals in the game.

The music is incredible... awesome... perfect! Evil Dead's atmosphere calls for great music, and its got it. The sound effects are pretty well done too. Revving chainsaws are always cool, especially as they're gutting baddies. And to round off the list, the original Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, returns to the woods to add vocal humor all the way.


If you have ever played any of the Resident Evil games, you know who the king of survival horror is. Evil Dead: Hail to the King follows the same patterns and offers the same great gameplay. Unfortunately, THQ should have their hand cut off (only to be brought back to life, or course) for only supporting two kinds of gamepads (Gravis and Microsoft). The next best thing is to have a pad that can emulate the keyboard, or else you are stuck using the numeric keypad.

With that aside, Evil Dead does boast some great camera angles that add to the suspense of the game. While you control Ash running through the woods, YOU actually feel like you are truly being chased by the undead. Then, just when you thought you found shelter, you get attacked again! At some points in the game you may feel overwhelmed with bad guys popping up. But then again, Ash has never let us down before, right?

Evil Dead: Hail to the King begins where the first movie left off, and adds elements of the second movie for your hellish enjoyment. And because you control Ash, you get some neat weapons along your journey for the Necronomicon, or Book of the Dead. You start with a chainsaw, axe, and pistol, and will acquire a rifle and my personal favorite, the boomstick (shotgun)! Now just do what you do and kick some ASH! (Don't forget to taunt those Deadites with your typical Ash one-liners along the way!)


Evil Dead: Hail to the King won't be all that hard after you figure out the patterns of the game. Just like other survival horror games, there will be puzzles to solve and baddies to slay, but with patience and cunning, you will survive. The biggest difficulty comes if you need to play using the keyboard, as controls are very clunky. You definitely want a gamepad. Another thing to keep in mind is that in order to save, you must collect save tapes and use them in an inventory chest, so improper planning and bad decision-making can potentially be costly.

Game Mechanics:

I don't think there's any other way to say it but to just say it. The keyboard sucks! Controlling Ash using the number pad on your keyboard is frustrating when you're used to control pads. Unfortunately, Evil Dead: Hail to the King only supports Gravis and Microsoft gamepads, so all of you out there with others are SOL, unless you can program it to emulate the keyboard.

Another thing I had trouble understanding was why a 3D video card is required. Yes, it makes things look much better, but there's no option to up the resolution to make things even better, which would have been awesome. Oh well, I guess having Ash look better would probably go straight to his head, and then we'd have to hear his ego through more one-liners!

Evil Dead: Hail to the King is a very entertaining game and highly recommended for fans of the movies or fans of the survival horror genre of games.


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