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Despite the title, players in Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror can join either a Special Forces elite team to combat terrorism or become a member of the terrorist cell intent on wreaking havoc and destruction. Mission goals for Special Forces include saving hostages, killing terrorists, disarming bombs, protecting secrets, leading escapes, and more, while the terrorists usually have opposing goals like stealing prototypes, planting bombs, sabotage, infiltration and so forth. A single-player campaign offers players a chance to gain experience before joining teams online via a LAN or the Internet.

Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror ships with 33 maps offering diverse locations around the world such as mountains, train stations, the Antarctica, and remote locales with many more consumer designed mods available via download at the official site. Combatants can use money earned by winning scenarios (losers receive less) to purchase upgrades and new weapons, equipment and accessories. In addition to an arsenal containing 22 types of weapons ranging from knives and pistols to sniper rifles and automatic machine guns, players can purchase grenades (smoke, high explosive, concussion and flashbangs) and C-4.

Customization features include automatic reloading, hiding crosshairs, display options, suppressing messages and changing the transparency of the HUD. The Head Up Display provides information on the time of the round, clips and shots remaining in the active weapon, health (armor and protection), and a hint bar. Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror was designed utilizing the Unreal game engine.

Graphics & Sound:

A lot of the animations in Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror may seem a bit awkward, but you can't really argue with the quality. There are nice textures, a shortage of jagged edges, and the explosions look good. The biggest problem is variety. Though the levels are different from each other, they usually seem monochrome, with one color theme and style throughout the entire map. Also lacking variety are the characters, not between each other, but between each team. Each individual usually looks different than the next, but each team looks almost identical, causing fatal hesitations during heavy firefights.

Though there is no music when you're playing, the painful silence is punctuated by ferocious explosions and firefights. The weapon effects do not disappoint, drawing the player into the action through the audio as well as the video.


Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror can't help but be compared to Counter Strike. It is very similar to the popular internet game in many ways, most of which are good. Using the Unreal engine, this game sends you into fights as either a Special Forces or Terrorist member to complete certain goals. A money system has been incorporated into the weapon system, where you buy your tools of destruction from the money you gain in previous battles.

A variety of weapons are offered, and are different for each side. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, and many kinds of grenades make up a lethal arsenal for you to pick and choose from. The differences are very apparent between each firearm, making it worthwhile to spend a lot of cash on the more expensive and better weapons.

With over 30 different levels, you probably won't be getting bored any time soon. But they would be nothing without varying mission objectives. There are 4 different types of games you can play, and each map is associated with one of these methods. Hostage Rescue has the Terrorists guarding a group of hostages, and it is the job of the other team to rescue them. Planting the Bomb gives one Terrorist a bomb, which he has to plant at a designated area. OICW again puts the ball in the Terrorists' court by placing the OICW gun somewhere on the map. The Terrorists must get this gun and eliminate the entire other team. Escape sees one of the teams fleeing for their lives while the opposing team tries to hunt them down.

Though Tactical Ops can be played solo, it was made for net play. Games are usually large, but do not rely on team cooperation that much, though it helps. Lone wolves can be found everywhere, and all types of play are encouraged. But while this is the game's greatest advantage, it is also its worst trait. If you're not connected to the internet, or you just have a slow connection, you cannot play this game. The single player experience can only suffice for so long, and there really isn't anything like playing against, or with, other human players.


Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror isn't a hard game to get the hang of. The most daunting task will be to learn the levels well enough to do better than your opponents. Aiming is easy with any gun, and if you can't hit the broad side of a barn with a sniper rifle, there are always grenades or heavy machine guns. Just don't forget, no matter how good you get, it won't be hard to find someone better than you.

Game Mechanics:

Just like the game the engine is named after, Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror is a first person shooter, and controls like any other game of the genre. Ducking, running, and jumping are all at your disposal, and should be taken advantage of as frequently as possible.

Buying weapons is done at the beginning of the level, and can only be done at your team's starting position. Depending on the server settings will determine how much time you have before the match starts, but most servers give you ample time. The bigger problem comes in the form of being able to buy weapons any time during the game. If you run out of ammo, you can run back to your starting point and stock up again. Nade spamming is made all too easy because there is no time limit to purchasing after the match starts. This could prove very frustrating for newer players.

Tactical Ops comes close to Counter Strike, but it certainly does not surpass it.


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