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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a stand alone game with 20 new single-player missions, new multiplayer maps, and a new squad-based combat system. Enemy Territory is set in 1942 -- a year earlier than Return to Castle Wolfenstein -- and BJ Blazkowicz must uncover a Nazi plan involving giant cannons that can shell London from across the English Channel. Players will command small groups of soldiers, issue orders for the squad, and even give special commands to individual soldiers. Non-Player Character AI has been a focus for the developers; NPCs now intelligently avoid imminent explosions, respond to commands, and help lure enemies into ambushes. Multiplayer missions are sometimes combined into campaigns, allowing player teams to fight their way through multiple maps. Also, players gain additional abilities -- such as scouting prowess, or the ability to see hidden enemy mines -- as they progress through multiplayer battles.

Time to experience a title that was actually supposed to be released as an expansion pack, believe it or not, for the game Return To Castle Wolfenstein. However, as time was passing on and the game had started to age, Activision decided instead to release the game as freeware! It was released on May 29, 2003, and yet 3 years after it was launched it continues to be one of the most popular First Person Shooters on the net, and it's not hard to see why. Besides the high quality of the development of the game and the Quake 3 Arena engine powering the game, this is no ordinary First Person Shooter multiplayer game. As you choose your side between the allies or the axis it's up to your side to emerge victorious, through different sets of missions and objectives to complete, but careful one wrong step and bam you could be capped. In Wolfenstein- Enemy Territory you get all the action you would expect in such a game, mission objectives to complete and different classes that you'll be able to use in battle, to make this a very excellent game.

Controls and other options should be setup before you even consider starting the game, there is quite a bit to remember. So it may take you a bit of time to start memorizing them, not all of them are necessary but most are. Once you're ready, hit the play online games option and away you go. Soon you'll see different games going on, just click one join and let the game do the rest. Do note that there are many maps that use custom maps and mods and other elements as well, so if you join a custom server, you may have to download these components, which the game will handle on it's own. So just a heads up in case you don't have the fastest of connections. Once you are connected to a map, you'll end up in a sort of briefing screen where you can hear the mission objectives spoken out to you and then pick your side. Click on the allied flag represented by the U.S flag or the Axis side, represented by the Wolfenstein logo (Most likely to avoid using the Swastika). Pick your class as well from soldier, medic, engineer, special ops and covert ops, hit ok and get ready to fight.

Graphically, the game still looks good. The Quake 3 Engine was one of the most used engines back in the day and it really shows it's power with the different environments, explosions and weapon fire and just movement and more. It's impressive to see in action. There is always going to be plenty of action going on with both the allies and axis objectives. In most cases, the allies are doing the attacking and having to do the objectives for a level, such as defending a tank, or blowing open an old wall, while generally the axis are required to defend the target objectives. In addition, with the inclusion of different classes this does change the strategy aspect of the game. Each class has it's own advantage, such as soldiers being able to use the heaviest weapons, while medics are able to heal wounded soldiers and also have higher health. The engineer who has explosives, performs construction and repairs. While Field Ops can distribute ammo to other teammates, and call in air support, while finally the Covert Ops class can engage in espionage. Such as stealing an enemy's uniform and is able to do such things as opening an enemy's door for teammates. As you can see, there is a lot to see and do with these choices.

Finally, another concept is experience points that are distributed. As you survive longer and longer in the battle you will acquire experience points that will give you certain advantages, the longer you stay alive and battle, the more you will receive. There are 3 areas to receive experience points in, Battle Sense: for the time, a character stays alive. Light Weapons: For killing an enemy with a light weapon, such as grenades, knife, machine gun, or a pistol for example. Finally the last area, depends on your character's class, such as Field Ops can drop larger ammo packs, air strikes lasting twice as long and even being able to identify Convert Ops who are in disguise. There are 4 levels that you will be able to achieve this upgrade in skills, and the longer you stay alive and fight, the more experience you'll be getting.

The only thing that may put off some first time gamers, is the high learning curve the game has when you first start a game. It can be confusing to know about the objectives, much less the weapons, learning about classes. Patience and observation is key to getting far, as well as the "use" key which is beneficial for many of the secondary classes like medics, engineers and the like for accomplishing objectives such as building a bridge.

Nevertheless, Wolfenstein- Enemy Territory is a stellar title and if you're a fan of First Person Shooters, you definitely should check it out. So see it for yourself and see what you think.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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