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This game is a basic shoot the bad guys side-scroller which is really hard, even on the easiest "Wimp" setting. For one thing, the characters aren't as strong as they should be. Any comic book reader knows that both Iron Man and X-O can fly just about anywhere, but in this game they can only fly for a very brief period before their energy runs out and they have to replenish it. While it would have made the game too easy to let them fly constantly, it would have been nice to let them fly a little longer than they can.

There's a backstory of sorts in the form of a mission briefing at the beginning of each level, but really the point is kill the bad guys before they get you. It's not too hard to do so until you get to the boss at the end of each level. The one at the end of the first level, for example, is impossible to kill without going through several of your own men, and you have to fight him in extremely close quarters. This game could have been a lot better if the levels hadn't been so claustrophobic. Heck, let us fly around longer and in an open area against other flying units and it could be a lot of fun.

Overall there isn't much reason to recommend this game. If you find it on sale it might be worth a try, but other than that don't bother.

Graphics: Standard pixelated DOS fare.

Sound: Nothing of note.

Enjoyment: Not terribly challenging until you reach a boss, and then it's incredibly hard. Too hard.

Replay Value: I can't imagine wanting to play this game very often.

This game is a linear beat 'em up Final Fight type game with the choice to play as one of two comic book heroes: Iron Man or X-O Manowar. The game follows the pattern of sidescrolling action in each level with a comic book boss at the end of each. Levels are as follows: Nuclear Plant Siege with bosses Mr. Hyde and the Melter. Stark Enterprises with bosses Titania, Yellowjacket and Goliath. Retake New York City with bosses Vizier and Mistress Crescendo. Dromak Base Assault with bosses Absorbing Man and Dromak Gladiator. Assault on Zola's Castle with bosses Arnim Zola and Mistress Crescendo. Alien Dig: The Cosmic Cube with bosses Baron Zemo and Mistress Crescendo. Board Dromak Ship with Final Boss General Krytos.

Definitely one of the worst side-scrolling action games ever made, Iron Man/XO Man o' War in Heavy Metal boldly continues Acclaim's trend of ruining a good license. This time, you get to play Iron Man or X-O Man o' War, two almost identical superheroes who fight exactly the same way with beams of red and yellow power. The basic plot: Iron Man and X-O Man o' War have the task to stop the two villians from collecting the broken pieces of a Cosmic Cube, a magical artifact that will confer ultimate power to the evil duo.

The only good thing about the game is that it has numerous villains from Marvel Comics' universe including Yellow Jacket, Absorbing , Melter, Titania, Goliath, Mr. Hyde, Arnim Zola, Blackout and Baron Zemo, and from (admittedly much less known) Acclaim Comics' including Mistress Crescendo, General Krytos, Dromak Gladiator, Armorines, and Spider Aliens. But you'll most likely be too bored with boring backgrounds and gameplay to notice the identity of each foe. The heroes, for all their flashy weapons, are interchangeable, and have very limited fighting capabilities. The controls are very sluggish, the action mind-numbing, and the fun nonexistent. If you think Judge Dredd from Acclaim was bad, stay very far from this game - it's even worse. Recommended only (and I mean only) to die-hard fans of these heroes (who are both, incidentally, now dead).

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