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I'm quite a big fan of any game that involves, balls, mazes and pinball action, and Neverball ticked all the right boxes for me.

Neverball sees you guide a ball through a series of complex grids and courses with the aim of either collecting as much cash as you can, beating a time limit or reaching a certain goal. You guide the ball by tilting the course side to side but one false move either way sees you fall to your death!

You start by entering your name and then selecting which course, difficulty and type of challenge - Coins, Time or Goal - that you want to attempt. It is a little confusing though to work out exactly how to to start a game as there are so many options, so my first few minutes were spent clicking wildly just to start the damned thing.

Once you get going, controlling the ball in Neverball is extremely tricky. You'll need the deft hand of Picasso to make sure your ball doesn't roll off the edge, hit a barrier or simply run out of control. It takes several goes before you can even complete one course on the easy level so this is not a game just to waste a few minutes - it's one to absorb yourself in.

If you've got the patience to guide a ball through some seemingly impossible worlds, and you need some mouse control practice, you'll enjoy Neverball.

If you're looking for a new sort of challenge for your gaming skills, you have found that game right here. Neverball is the name, and if you have ever played the Super Monkey Ball series then you will understand the challenge and difficulty that you will be experiencing in this game. The object of this game is to tilt the floor of each area, to move the silver ball through a wide variety of obstacles and through different courses. With seventy-five levels to play through, it will take you quite a while before you see it all. With this interesting gameplay element, some decent music and the added mini golf mode, there is quite a bit to do in Neverball.

The objective in this game is simple, collect a certain amount of coins, and make it to the goal, defined by the bulls' eye marker. Once you collect the total number of coins, the bulls' eye marker will glow yellow, which indicates that you can complete the level and move onto the next one. There are also two difficulty levels to choose from: easy, hard and a user created series of maps. While each difficulty level starts out easy enough, to ease you into the concept of the game, it changes quite quickly into more complicated and much longer courses that will test your reflexes.

While Neverball, is essentially similar to Super Monkey Ball, it does a very good job in its own unique way to keep the aspects of Super Monkey Ball intact. Such as controlling the floors of each area and tilting the ball, the quickness and slowness that occurs based on how you tilt each floor with your mouse, the increasing difficulty of each level. This eventually turns into some interesting levels that will test all your skills. And finally there's the addition of Neverputt, which is essentially mini golf. It's a welcome addition to the game, rather of not having an extra game at all.

Neverball is a tough game, no question about it. It will test all your skills and you have to be quite careful, as you move the mouse around, because the slightest adjustment can send your ball over the edge, so you end up having to restart the level. The music in game is all right overall. It will not distract you as you are playing the game I found, as it is calm and not overbearing.

The only issue with the game I could find was simply the camera, which you have to manually control at times, especially as the ball rolls towards the screen. You can control the camera with the left and right mouse buttons, but it would have been nice had it been automatic, but for people who like to control the camera themselves, they should feel right at home with this control scheme.

Nevertheless, Neverball is a fun and challenging game for anyone looking for a different sort of challenge. If you have played Super Monkey Ball, definitely try this game out, as you will feel quite at home with the style of the game. Even if you have not played Super Monkey Ball, try this game out to test your gaming skills and see for yourself how hard this type of game really is.

Neverball is a superb Marble Madness-inspired game from a freeware developer. Your objective is to guide a ball safely to the exit before time runs out. There are over fifty levels in Neverball. With pleasant graphics and solid gameplay, I find Neverball to be worthy of our top game tag. If you prefer puzzle-oriented Marble Madness clones, Neverball takes the cake.


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