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Developed by American Laser Games, Crime Patrol is a first-person shooter featuring full motion video to help immerse players in the action. Players choose their appropriate skill level ("Rookie" or "Captain") and then select from a number of crime locations, including an electronics store, drug lab, parking garage, strip club, and warehouse. Players will battle robbers, smugglers, and gang members as they shoot their weapon at the action on the screen while sparing injury to innocent bystanders. As players advance through the ranks the game's difficulty will increase as they join SWAT and ultimately the elite Delta Force squad.

Following the western shoot-out adventure game called "Mad Dog McCree" and the gangster detective game "Who Shot Johnny Rock?", comes the latest CD-ROM addition to American Laser Games: "CRIME PATROL".

Through a combination of advanced computer programming, video laser discs and multi-media technology, American Laser Games enables the player to become part of a real life action-adventure movie and interact with the characters on the screen.

As in previous American Laser Games productions, the player aims a gun on the screen with the aid of a mouse while super cool digitized footage scroll by.

"CRIME PATROL" players are destined to help law enforcement officers stop thieves, drug dealers, gangsters, terrorists and other criminals through increasingly difficult levels of action.

There is a wide choice of scenarios for each level of difficulty. As a Rookie, the player takes on gang members, armed robbers and other street criminals. A promotion to detective will mean working undercover against drug dealers and car thief rings. Once you are selected for a SWAT team assignment, you will confront bank robbers and terrorists.

Only a skilled player will be able to reach the Delta Force and deal with a criminal element threatening national security.

The game was filmed to give the player a participant's point of view. The first person camera follows along as law enforcement teams enter crime scenes. Bad guys will appear in various locations on the screen and try to send the player to the undertaker. If they succeed, you will hear their scornful bursts of laughter!

By shooting at the attacking thieves, gangsters or terrorists (that pop up continually), the player expends ammunition and has to reload his gun after ten shots. You reload by dragging the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen and clicking. So keep an eye on your bullets! You should be careful with your shots because innocent bystanders appear as well as gun-yielding hoodlums.

The guides and television news reporters covering the action within the game inform the player if they have missed or killed someone other than a bad guy, resulting in a loss of life.

The player can save their game at any point during the game with the possibility of continuing, after having lost his three lives, by clicking on "Continue".

Even though this game is challenging and will require much practice before becoming a top cop, you will enjoy it immensely!


The game is designed (music, fluidity of the action, scenery, etc...) to persuade you into being the hero of the day!

Originating in the arcades, this is a full-motion video rail shooter with real actors, produced by the makers of Mad Dog McCree.

Crime Patrol puts the player in the shoes of a police officer, who starts as a Rookie and has to work his way up to become a member of SWAT and eventually the Delta Force team. To do that, he has to complete missions, which involve taking down criminals in a variety of locations. Beginning with smaller-scale criminals (such as shoplifters), the hero will later have to face gangsters, drug lords, and eventually terrorists. For each set of missions, the player characters is being teamed up with another police officer. The gameplay is quite similar to any other of the large live-action laser-gun games found in the arcades - all the player has to do is take the gun (or the mouse in the computer version) and show those criminals who's the boss!

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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