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American Laser Games' sci-fi shooter comes to DVD in this port of 1992's live-action arcade game. Players are cast in the role of a star ranger whose sworn duty is to stop the evil Captain Talon and his crew from abducting a ship filled with space colonists. As in previous laserdisc titles by the company, players must quickly shoot down armed enemies while relaxing their trigger finger in front of innocent civilians. As players advance through the full-motion video game, they must rescue the colonists and recover three star crystals from different worlds. The crystals are the key components to the star splitter cannon, a powerful weapon that can turn the tide in the battle against Captain Talon and his unsavory gang.

"Space Pirate" is a shoot'em-up game from "American Laser Games". Just as their previous games, (Crime Patrol, Who Shot Johnny Rock, Mad Dog, etc...) your reflexes are being put to the test. After being a cop in Crime Patrol, a 30's detective in Johnny Rock, and a cowboy from the far west in Mad Dog, now "Space Pirate" drags you out to the end of the universe.

Your mission will consist of putting an end to the wrongdoings of the famous Captain Talon, a furious mad man who stirs up terror on every planet that he and his horde of pirates come across. You are a Star Ranger and you must respect the intergalactic laws at all costs! The diabolic Captain Talon has just captured a space ship with innocent colonists on board. You will have to save them while destroying the pirate's plan to run the universe.

The principle of the game is much the same as previous games from "America Laser Games", e.g. shoot the countless pirates that you will encounter and kill them before they kill you. The movement of your Laser gun is done with the mouse, and you can shoot using the left mouse button. The right mouse button is used to recharge your weapon by clicking in the bottom right corner of the screen.

There are, however, a few rules to be respected throughout the game. For example, you cannot shoot at a pirate until he has threatened you with his weapon, because this is against the official code of conduct for a Star Ranger! If you fire anyhow, nothing will happen. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to fire on the poor colonists who could place themselves in your Laser's field, this will cost you a life (you have three).

Something new in the game when compared to the others is that you will have to gather energy crystals from other worlds throughout the game. These crystals will increase your super canon power, the only weapon capable of destroying Talon and sending him into another galaxy. Moreover, you will find hidden bonus targets all throughout the game while you diligently avoid getting yourself killed!

Regarding the graphics, you will move across realistic video scenes, but as well produced as they were in "Crime Patrol".

If you are unconditional with these types of arcade games, then do not hesitate; as for myself, I have the impression that once you have played one of these types of games, you have played them all!

Another in the series of slugfest games by American Laser Games is Space Pirates. While it resembles The Last Bounty Hunter and Drug Wars, it is science-fiction oriented and presents a space theme.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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