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Magic Carpet 2 successfully continues the legacy of a carpet riding magician, this time following the original magician's apprentice, as he flies against the demon overlord who seeks to destory the mortal realm.

You may be saying to yourself "Yeah, yeah. Fly a carpet, blast some bad guys.. badda bim, badda bang".. but Magic Carpet 2 is much more than that.

A fun and enjoyable part of the game is having to scour the land collecting mana from beasts you (and other carpet flying magicians) kill. You must set up a castle to begin with, and from there, your balloons will seek out and return with mana marked by you.

As you battle enemy magicians for magic and mana, you can attack their strongholds and take mana they've stored. This can be a frustrating thing to have happening when you have your sights set on another goal. Enemy magicians can also attack your fortress and steal your mana, thereby deplenishing your power in the realm.

Once you've completed your goals for each 'realm' you venture into (from establishing fortresses to killing creatures and enemy magicians) you'll find yourself thrust into yet another challenge.

Magic Carpet 2 is neat to play in small bursts, but not something to sit down in front of for hours on end. All of the missions, although the goals were often different, involved ultimately the same steps to achieve victory. Whereas repetition works for some games, it really doesn't for Magic Carpet 2

Graphics: Nice rolling hills, moving water, and visually impressive enemies.

Sound: I love the buzz of the killer bees.. you KNOW they're around, but the sound seems to come from all directions. Wonderful!

Enjoyment: Fun in short bursts, but gets tiresome and tideous after a level or two in a row.

Replay Value: I don't know if I'd enjoy doing the same thing over and over again, over and over again.

The evil demon lord Vissuluth has taken control of the realms of the Netherworld. Once prosperous lands have been infested with monsters and several evil wizards, Vissuluth's side-kicks, are up to no good either. Fortunately the magician Kafkar knows a promising young apprentice who may stand up to Vissuluth. You're that apprentice!

Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds is the sequel to Magic Carpet and uses a new 3D engine to produce better looking graphics. New spells and monsters are also included. It's an action game with some elements from other genres thrown into the mix. The biggest part of the gameplay is FPS action. You fly around on your magic carpet, clearing levels by killing monsters and battling other wizards. Instead of guns, you use offensive spells like fireball, meteor, lightning, tornado etc.

Every monster you kill leaves behind a certain amount of mana which you can possess and store in your castle. You need this mana to cast spells and if you store it in your castle other wizards can't steal it (in some levels you need to defend your castle from attacks by monsters and rival wizards). With enough mana you can upgrade your castle which allows you to cast more powerful spells. During the course of the game you'll get all kinds of new spells and improve the ones you already have.

Like many other games by Bullfrog Magic Carpet 2 is also a bit of a god game. Many realms are inhabited by neutral citizens; you can help them by destroying monsters that attack them or destroy their cities yourself. You can also completely transform each game world with spells like volcano, earthquake and gravity well.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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