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Nihilist (a person who believes traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless) truly lives up to its name. As a galactic wanderer your only concern is the location of the next cosmic rumble.

In Nihilist, battles take place in the Kraal (an enclosure for animals), also aptly named because it is generally filled with fierce and savage warriors from the stretches of the universe - yourself included. Although your main objective is to whup a little interstellar ass, throughout each battle you can collect various weapons, boosters, and Kash Krystals to aid you in future conflicts. Kash is especially important because, as you progress through each Kraal and eventually into other galaxies, you have to pay to enter the next arena. If you don't have enough Kash, you must face wave after wave of Vermin Clan fighters (an attack en masse of small, swift ships) to get it.

Although the graphics in Nihilist are not incredibly flashy, the game is transformed into a truly visual experience once you don the included ChromoDepth glasses and blast away the other combatants in full 3-D action. The Kraals are depicted as simple wire-frame sculptures, but the ships really stand out against the surface as you speed around the arenas while wearing the ChromoDepth shades. The sound effects in Nihilist are crisp, and a soundtrack which includes Dog Eat Dog, Pop Will Eat Itself, and Sugar Ray promises to keep you rockin' while in the Kraal.

The game also has a few humorous extras...well, if you like fifth grade humor (and who doesn't?). For example, you face off against such combatants as surly Jed Buttface and Private Partz. If you want to jettison your ship and hope that Gladys and the sisters will save you from the Kraal, simply press the "premature ejaculation" button and flee in your coffin escape pod.

Although a bit repetitive, Nihilist breaks the monotony by providing 29 different combat arenas and three different types of Kraals: Fluxes (spherical), Mandalas (horizontal and flat), and Mantras (vertical and flat). Also, as you progress through more Kraals and collect more Kash you can buy new ships or upgrade the one you have with new weapons such as the Blinder, Cutter, and Nutter.

Nihilist is an entertaining game that offers a truly unique visual experience. By combining nonstop action, puerile humor, and an interesting storyline, Nihilist offers a new twist on an old genre.

There have been a number of takes on Asteroids over the years, the latest of which is Nihilist, otherwise known as "Asteroids for the Cyberpunk crowd." With an extreme bent toward being 3D and inertially challenged (or, more precisely, challenged by inertia), this is one of those titles which tends to grow on you after repeated attempts to figure out just what's going on.

Nihilist is played mainly from a first-person perspective, though you can choose from among a few different viewpoints. The game takes place in outer space grid-enclosed arenas, where you must win a battle of supremacy against other foul and sometimes alien clans. The grids can be elliptical, flat, or spherical; some enable up/down movement, while others allow only forward/back and rotational left/right motion. You collect power-ups and cash in the arena, which make it possible for you to get or buy better ships, weapons and equipment and pay your way into the next challenge.

The main problem is that the game isn't that easy to play. Inertia dictates your every move, especially when shooting at opponents (leading your shots takes on a whole new meaning in Nihilist). Since you start out with a bare-bones ship which is, at best, obnoxiously sluggish, it'll take some time to move up to more responsive ships, and the game really strains the player to stick with it that far.

Nihilist includes special glasses to utilize its 3D-like graphics mode, and the game, despite the bizarre-colored and simplistic graphics (everything looks like you're viewing it through a heat monitor), provides a distinctive play environment which has a decided coolness factor to it. The choice between a Euro-punk and Euro-not-so-punk ambient soundtrack (and a wide array of options to customize your listening pleasure), as well as the excellent sound effects, help the game's atmosphere. Nihilist contains four-player network and two player modem options, though the multiplayer mode is not exactly convenient to access.

Nihilist contains plenty of worthwhile elements for shooter fans looking for a game of the "something old, something new, something strange, something blue" variety, but it will likely take a while to get into what the game has to offer.

The premise of Nihilist is simple: The player controls a spaceship which has to beat deathmatches in an arena called Kraal. The gameplay is a mix between the classic games Beamrider and Star Wars. In Beamrider the player is on the bottom of a grid and shoots enemies on the upper part. Star Wars had among other things a sequence were the player flies in pseudo 3D through the Death Star.

In the 25 levels the player duels one enemy each. Additionally there are other ships which shoot both opponents and asteroids which either split when shot or give extras like better armor. There are three arenas: horizontal, vertical and spherical. Every fight costs credits so the player has to pick up money symbols during the fight. When having more money he can spend it on weapon and armor upgrades. The soundtrack features 17 songs from bands like Dog eat Dog, Pop will eat itself and Sugar Ray and can be replaced with another music CD.

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