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One would think that Acclaim had learned their lessons from producing downright horrible platform games (mostly on the console side) that feature movie licenses. Almost anything they've created based on something has been widely rejected by the gaming community and panned by critics. Unfortunately, they didn't learn any lesson, instead making yet another 2-D-platform game based (loosely) on a movie. This time around, they have created DragonHeart: Fire and Steel. And it's just as bad as every other movie licensed game they've developed.

You assume the role of Sir Bowen, an ex-dragonslayer that has seen the error of his ways. He becomes friends with Draco the dragon and they head out on an epic adventure to off the King's evil forces and save a princess. And how will you and your dragon companion do this, you ask? Well, no surprises here; hop from platform to platform, going left to right in a flat 2-D world. And after every few levels, there is a boss that you must fight.

Wow, that's innovation for you.

Unfortunately, it only gets worse. Your character controls not unlike a man who bathes in concrete. He's painfully slow and can barely jump between the platforms. It feels extremely awkward and its something you just can't adjust to. Also, Bowen only uses one sword throughout the entire game. Not only does the action get very repetitive with there being no diversity in weapons, but he cannot even control the one weapon he has effectively. For some reason, when you slash your sword five or six times in a row, he will drop it. See, he's not strong enough to wield it and, as a result, he gets tired. This is absolutely the lamest thing you might ever see in a video game. Period.

So there you have it. Acclaim has made yet another utterly terrible game that has absolutely no redeeming values. If you are a sane individual, you will stay very far away from DragonHeart: Fire and Steel and never make eye contact with it. It's absolute garbage. But hey, you can say one thing about Acclaim; at least they're consistent.

Graphics: The 2-D textures and sprites get very old, very quick. Some of the backgrounds are okay, but as a whole, everything looks either odd (questionable floating platforms) or outright mediocre. The character animation is pretty lousy and the medieval enemies you run into are uninspired.

Sound: Using a lot of sounds from the movie, the sound effects and voice-overs aren't too bad.

Enjoyment: From the terribly difficult controls, the stiff, awkward, and sluggish character animation and, what I refer to as the lamest feature ever in a video game--the dropping of the sword when your character gets tired--DragonHeart: Fire and Steel is an anti-enjoyable "game."

Replay Value: There's absolutely no reason to even think about playing this game.


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