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You're Bugs Bunny, the well-known hare from Warner Bros. animations. Now you're trapped in some kind of tower. Run from one room to another, avoiding creatures, who are lethal to your hare health, and collect useful items. If you're quick, you'll get away with this tower.

Bugs Bunny, the one & only, my favorite cartoon character. I've played a lot games starring the most famous Wabbit, and I can say this one is the least interesting, although it's not bad at all.

You're trapped in the tower of a big-headed mad scientist and your goal is (of course, by all means) to get the hell out of there by collecting keys and opening locked gates. It's not as easy a task as it would certainly be for Bugs if this were a cartoon and not a video game: The mad scientist chases you but he is slow and is not a big threat to your furry health. Your main nightmare is his "minions". They are twice as big and every bit as much faster. These monsters look like big grim hearts that have legs with some kind of running shoes; you've probably seen them if you're familiar with Looney Tunes cartoons.

Our puffy-tailed hero must be careful not to be caught by the mad scientist and his minions, and must avoid holes (this scientist has a pretty perforated tower if you ask me, but he doesn't mind because he can soar above them :D). Bugs can collect instant potions for invisibility and levitation, and reducing potions, nitro-glycerine and ether to throw at monsters when the need arrives.

There is some kind of highscore but records are not kept anywhere (you can remember it and try to make it better next time). Points are received for collecting carrots and hitting monsters. You have three shots (lives) before gameover.

Sounds come from your motherboard so they aren't numerous. Graphics are CGA, and look ok. They are certainly not astonishing, but you won't mistake Bugs for heart-shaped monsters, that's for sure.

Nice game for a little relaxed (if you're not the kind of person who gets angry easily) playing in the afternoon.

Arrow keys are used for moving Bugs Bunny around and you throw potions with SPACE key (changing potion type is done with the ENTER key).

A nice little game. Run away from the monsters and the mad scientist. Created after an episode of the famous Looney Tunes, featuring Bugs Bunny. I always Liked Bugs - has been one of my favorite Toons since I've been a child. But I only came across this game last night when I was looking through the site of my friend Darkside - Flashback Abandonware. Checked that game out late at night and played it for quite a while. It took me a while till I realized that this game only uses CGA-graphics - would you have expected that you are only looking at FOUR different colors? They did a marvellous job there, really! But on the other hand - at the time this game was made not even EGA was standard anymore - most games already used VGA, so I ask why it had to be CGA...? Anyway - it gives the game a nice nostalgic touch while still be funny and good in gameplay. You find various potions throughout the game, some to throw at your enemys (like a reduction-potion or nitroglycerin) and some to make you invisible or other nice things. Recommended for all ages!

The Bugs Bunny Hare-brained Adventure is another good adaptation of a cartoon license released by Hi-Tech Expressions. Based on a TV episode of Bugs Bunny, you play the famous hare who must find his way out from the mad scientist's tower.

The game is played from an isometric perspective, with crisp graphics that utilize 4-color CGA palette to full advantage. The gameplay involves running from one room in this maze-like tower to the next, avoiding menacing creatures who are sent after you. Since you cannot attack at all, the only way to even up the playing field is to collect various potions that are scattered around the tower. These potions are power-ups that can either harm enemies, or help you in other ways - turning you invisible, for example. If you love the TV series, you'll enjoy this fun game that preserves its gentle sense of humor while offering a solid arcade-style gameplay. Recommended.

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