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Oxygen Interactive and G5 Software are about to release Red Shark, a game that retells history while keeping an arcade-like, third-person, helicopter combat title.

The premise of the game revolves around the Russians having a secret weapon in World War II to overcome the Nazi regime. It's you, as a Russian helicopter pilot, helping to overcome the Nazis.

The missions are often times very varied while keeping the difficulty level challenging but not frustrating. Some missions have you destroying Nazi tanks in order to help Russian forces. Other missions have you attacking enemy bases. In some missions you'll be asked to guide and escort something to their destination. While in other missions, you'll need to wipe out a whole group of Nazi forces. It doesn't really matter on what mission you are on though, you'll have a great time and you will have to play keen attention to the game at all times.

Red Shark doesn't attempt to be a helicopter flight simulator and focuses more on pick-up-and-play, arcade-like controls. As expected out of arcade-like controls, you are only responsible for turning, firing and of course moving forward, backward and to the sides. Red Shark further simplifies the gameplay by making switching weapons literally painless, which allows you to take control of the game quickly. While diehard sim-addicts will no doubt dislike the simplicity, the controls make the game enjoyable.

It's rather hard to evaluate Red Shark's graphics. On one hand, you have a game where the models are just a bit above average, as are the textures. On another hand, Red Shark is capable of displaying multiple enemies, as well as countless trees and hills. Firepower has very nice lighting and particle effects and the missiles have a nice trail to them. The environment was also very detailed and looks great. You'll see destroyed buildings and ground units as they give off smoke, then eventually burn up and explode. This makes for a great lighting show that most PCs will be able to handle.

The HUD is small, slick and informative. Everything you need to know can be found quickly and easily. For example, if you need to know how many missiles you have left, check the HUD. If you need to know what's around you, check the HUD radar.

The game's soundtrack consists of rock tunes to set the mood for the game. The soundtrack is crisp and effective. Sound effects are also very good. You'll hear missiles as they fly away and the "relaxing" sound of machine guns. You'll even hear when your missiles hit the mark. Explosions are loud and crisp but don't have certain powerfulness to them. Red Shark has a great sounding soundtrack. While the soundtrack may not be everyone's cup of tea, those who happen to enjoy rock songs will find themselves at home. Actually, the rock music fits very well with the game. So even if you don't really like rock, you'll appreciate it.

Red Shark promised helicopter fun and it greatly delivered. Gamers who aren't into controlling every aspect of the helicopter and just want a fun time, will want to pick this up.


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