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The Blob (De Blob in Dutch) is probably one of the most original games you've ever seen. It's even more amazing when you learn the story behind it: apparently, The Blob was developed as a course project by a group of nine students at the Utrecht School of Arts, in just four months.

Their main goal was to depict the physics of movement in a realistic way and believe me, they must have got an A for this. The game itself is simple: you control Blob, a round shaped alien who crashed with his space ship on Earth and is being chased by the police. Blob's mission consists on painting certain buildings with a given color, which you get from other characters spread all over the map.

Controls are a bit chaotic at the beginning. You move Blob just with the mouse, but it takes a while until you get used to speed and movement. Also, once you're done coloring the buildings, that's pretty much all about it, although there's a secondary goal to keep you amused: collect the 50 coins that have been hidden all around the city.

Light, cheerful, and fun distractions are always nice, especially after a stressful day. Have you had a stressful day? Or are you just looking for a fun game? Well, then jump right into the colorful world of The Blob. No, not the horror movie. The Blob is a wonderfully professional distraction for the mind, which will prove to be addicting enough to hold your interest for hours and hours. At least, it did for me.

In this game, there isn't much story, but does a fun game need a story brimming with plot twists and soap operas operating out of your computer screen. I say NO! This game's story and gameplay is a delightful mix of Alien Hominid, Katamari, and Super Mario Sunshine. You play a squishy and liquid alien, who's spaceship has crashlanded on an unknown planet of diminutive size. The planet is dull, and the INKT government controls every aspect of life. As soon as you land, you aren't welcomed with Peace from Earth signs, instead, government agents whip out nets and guns. You aren't about to be treated that way, so you set about painting the city in cheerful colors, in order to thwart the INKT agency.

As a big squishy alien blob that is like King Kong to the tiny helpless residents of the city, it is your job to brighten their day, and to escape from the evil clutches of INKT. In order to do that, apparently you must paint the city. Each citizen, including government agents, are of a different color, so, you guessed it, you have to roll over citizens to turn a color, and start painting. You can also mix citizens together for new colors. But watch out for INKT, because if one of the agents is caught inside you, you will turn black, and become a pollution. Anything you touch will turn whatever color you are sporting, even trees, billboards, and trains. Each level contains many tokens to collect, and many landmarks to paint. But wonderfully, each landmark requires a certain feat of puzzling, color, and size to color it completely. If you are hit by an agent, just fall in some water, and you'll be normal again.

Cheery colors and bright sunshine fills the city. The graphics are colorful, and look very kiddy. The citizens are very open-ended, and go about their daily tasks while a giant blob terrorizes them and squishes them for paint. There are government vehicles in many places, which can spawn agents. The background graphics will remind many of Legos or Megablocks. The music in the game is very twinkly and cute, though not very noticeable. The sound effects are the best, with a HELP! from a citizen or a twinkly hooray sound for whenever you get a landmark.

So to conclude, again, this game is quite an addictive experience. So if you want a nice time waster combined with pleasing graphics and innovative gameplay, then look no further.


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