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A war is raging across the galaxy and you are in the unenviable position of having to stop it. As a member of Planet Terran's Council of Peace, it is your duty to put an end to the Bion resistance on Planet Fury. Years ago the Bions were created as the perfect warriors; free from the limitations of the human body, they possessed superior strength and were unusually aggressive.

This group of bionic warriors proved too difficult to keep in line, and Terran was nearly eliminated as a result. With a taste of violence and an appetite for destruction, the Bions were dismantled in the year 2832 by the Coalition. Yet some survived. Terran's Coalition then formed the Council of Peace to ensure the safety of the planet. This is where you come in.

Microsoft Furył is a 3D shooter that has you piloting a futuristic ship in a series of 24 missions across eight unique planets. Before embarking on a mission, you'll receive intelligence reports on key targets to neutralize to complete your objectives. After three successful missions on a planet, you'll be transported to the next, until your eventual confrontation on Fury.

The game is played from one of three views: cockpit view, chase view or outside view. Three different instrument displays are also available that allow you to determine how much or how little you see on the screen. For faster play, a panoramic format offers a letterbox view with the displays appearing along the top bar.

As in most games in the genre, a number of power-ups are available that will temporarily give you an advantage over the enemy. The five power-ups include Shields Boost, Shields Restored, Invincibility, Invisibility, and Turbo Thrust. Acquiring power-ups is a matter of flying through them once they are identified by your on-board computer.

To help you navigate the 3D worlds, a compass is available as well as a distance indicator that shows you how close you are to the necessary targets. Of course, you won't be able to fly right to them without running across some resistance.

Shoot down enemy fighters or ground targets using your default ServoKinetic Laser, or find and use one of six additional weapons that range from Dispersion Cannons to the mighty F3 -- a bomb that will destroy every target within its range.

Microsoft Furył offers six degrees of freedom to benefit joysticks such as Microsoft's own SideWinder 3D Pro. If your joystick has a hat, you'll be able to use it to survey the surroundings as you make your way across each planet's surface and through its hidden tunnels. Pilots who need a breather in between missions will be able to save their progress at any point during the game except while in a tunnel.

Terrans have won the war for the Coalition, but at a terrible price. It has unleashed the powers of the Bions, warriors bred for battle and victory. After the war ended, Bions started their own war against Humanity... And humanity managed to win again, but Earth was decimated in the process. We thought we had destroyed all the Bions, but apparently we are wrong. A few Bions have survived... and they are rebuilding on the planet named Fury... As a councillor in Council of Peace, the premier peacekeeping force, you will take the advanced fighter and repel the Bion invasion, and eventually destroy the Bion threat once and for all. Fury3 is basically a Windows adaptation of Terminal Velocity where you pilot a super fighter and kill bazillion targets from first person (default) or third-person viewpoints. The action is fast and furious, with plenty of air and ground threats plus structures to shoot. The fighter sequences are interspersed with a bit of tunnel running (inspired by Descent, no doubt) and a lot of shooting. Shoot the weapon pods to release missiles and other goodies which you can use to supplement your own ship. The game is in full 3D without the need for a 3D video accelerator, though it only supports 320x200 resolution and preferably 256 color only.

If you've ever played 3DRealms' shareware favorite Terminal Velocity (TV), you'll be quick to recognize that Fury3 is nothing more than warmed-over TV, released as one of the first titles designed with Win95's 32-bit abilities in mind. So let me quickly get the brief comparison out of the way.

There are slight changes in the worlds, new Star Wars-type enemies, and varied cockpit perspectives but, in general, Fury3 is not any faster, more colorful or more exciting than Terminal Velocity. For those who have never played either of these titles, let me make clear that Fury3 is still fast, colorful, and exciting enough to ensure a white-knuckled, high-adrenaline, duckin-and-dodging-in-your-seat kind of gameplay experience. The game features a first-person, 3-D point of view which puts you right in the middle of a futuristic battle zone, with nothing less than the future of the world at stake. The graphics are extremely impressive, giving you the sensation of speeding along just above the ground, weaving through tight, underground passageways, or soaring up through the cloud layer. Explosions and flying debris highlight the combat sequences. Power-ups and hidden passageways are all available to help you on your journey.

You're not going to get a lot of extended play value from Fury3. Despite the vastness of the worlds, which allows you to fly around and look for hidden tunnels and powerups, there is not enough variety from level to level, or even from enemy to enemy, to keep a hard-core shooter fan interested beyond the first couple of worlds. If you just need a quick fix of high-speed flying and blasting, though, Fury3 is a great way to pass some time.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (328 MB).


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