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Includes emulated versions of eight Genesis games: Super Shinobi (a.k.a. The Revenge of Shinobi), Vectorman, Altered Beast, Sonic Spinball, Columns, Outrun, Phantasy Star II and Golden Axe.

With crappy games being released all the time by game companies, isn't it nice to play a proven classic? What if you played eight (arguably) proven classic Sega games, now on your PC? With the ordeal about playing console games on your PC, Sega decided to take advantage of the opportunity and give people the chance to play their favorite Genesis classics. Sega Smash Pack includes Super Shinobi, Vectorman, Altered Beast, Sonic Spinball, Columns, Outrun, Phantasy Star 2 & Golden Axe.

For someone who is into old games, and enjoys classics, I really enjoyed this game. I remember in my adolescent days sneaking over to my friend's house getting a chance to play some of these games. I remember one night fondly of beating Altered Beast over fifteen times in one night. These are exact ports from the Genesis (minus the gamepad, unfortunately), and using my Sidewinder gamepad, I just couldn't put this down. It felt like I was a young kid again.

What made these games great was they were easy to get into, hard to stop playing. It uses the simple gaming formula of pure fun enjoyment from the minute you start the game. If you're the type that played on the Nintendo/Turbo Grafix 16, and never heard of some of these games, I'll give you a quick run down on each game:

Super Shinobi- A ninja side-scroller, a sequel of the hit arcade version. It's kind of like Ninja Gaiden, and still just as fun.

Vectorman- while Nintendo was trying to exploit Wario, Sega came out with Vectorman, which was supposed to be the Sega killer. They tried a lot of different promotions/tie-ins, but it didn't fair too well. The actual game was great, shoot everything that moves, and collect protons.

Sonic Spinball- Sega's trademark in Sonic meets pinball. While made in '93, it's still a joy to play. Takes a different twist on Sonic & pinball.

Altered Beast- Fun, but the game didn't age well. While still enjoyable, the graphics are now too blocky.

Columns- Sega tries to make a Tetris clone with Columns, and I use to play this for hours when the Sega Game Gear came out. This also inspired other countless clones, but the original is still the best.

Outrun- The first driving arcade game I can remember that had force feedback. You could also choose different routes, making the replayability almost infinite. While the music is still cheesy, it's still a good ride.

Phantasy Star 2- yet another Sega answer to Final Fantasy. It'd be nice if Sega would actually continue this series on the Dreamcast because this was a great game. A must try for any RPG fans who appreciate the classics (thought I liked Phantasy Star 3 much more.)

Golden Axe- No matter how old this game gets, I still can't stop playing this game. This was a pure hack & slash side scroller, thrown with some magic spells. This gets my "AAAWWW YEAH."

The major problem with the Smash Pack is that a lot of these games are old. They were all created between 1990 - 1995 and these games weren't updated to take advantage of today's hardware. Smash Pack's games are all very strict ports of the Genesis's version. This also means the graphics are all low resolution and low quality. Also, I now appreciate the music that comes in most PC games today because all these games have cheesy midi music that sometimes gave me a headache. Lastly, eight games just seemed a little skimpy. Why not put twenty or thirty games? I guess we'll be seeing sequels.

At the end, if you like to play oldschool games, and never owned a Genesis (or if you did own a Genesis, and didn't get a chance to play these games), I'd suggest giving this a try. If you will only play games that take advantage of your 3D card or a first person shooter that you have to play on-line, then pass it up. In my opinion, give the classics a chance, and try this out.


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