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Players running Pajama Sam's Lost and Found are in for a bit of a wild ride as they play. Pajama Sam has to retrieve his toys scattered throughout many levels, as well as retrieving lost items and scattered pieces of the bonus puzzles.

Each level has an increasing number of items, some at a fairly low level or on the floor and some high over head. Players must use the mouse key to jump the vehicle Pajama Sam is riding in over the obstacles.

The look of the pieces that add points to your score look slightly different on each world, but the bonus pieces and the lost toys look alike. Some of the bonus pieces are hidden and each level is increasingly harder, with more toys to find, more obstacles to avoid and more points to pick up.

If all the items in a level are picked up, the game awards the player 1000 bonus points. If players miss one of the toys, they are given another chance to collect it. Players are also given a password code to come back to their game if they must leave or to start playing from that level.

If players collect all six of the bonus puzzle pieces in a round, they can play one of three bonus puzzles. Catch the item turns their pointer into a bucket. They must catch items when they fall from the hopper above, which moves back and forth across the screen. Each item is worth 50 points. When they drop five items, the game ends.

Concentration is just that. Players are dealt 12 cards and must match all six items from behind the cards. Players are shown what is on the cards first, so it is a game of memory rather than luck. When five matches are missed, the game is over.

Hopping items asks you to click on the items as they are launched into the air and before they fall back into the hole. Each item is worth 50 points, and missing five items ends the game.

This game is a very cute arcade game for young players, However, the rapidly increasing difficulty levels ensure they will need to play the game many times to advance to the higher levels. A high degree of mouse skills are needed to play this game successfully.

Graphics: Cartoonish but good.

Sound: Good but low. Most players will probably need to crank it up a bit to hear it well.

Enjoyment: The game is not explained well, and the three bonus games are scored even while the games are being explained, which can lead to the game ending prematurely.

Replay Value: The levels never change, but there are an awful lot of them, and the high score gameboard gives kids incentive to better their score.

Sam's room is a total mess and has lost some of his things throughout the lands he has visited in the past and in new areas. Now as Pajama Sam it is up to you, Sam and some old friends to travel around paths collecting puzzle pieces and Sam's toys and avoiding strange obstacles.

Also play bonus games to earn extra points and be the Toy Rescue champ, in this children's arcade game.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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