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Antarctic Adventure is a fun and simple arcade game for the old MSX computer, which was unofficially ported to DOS by a company that few people have ever heard of.

The game's star is Penta, a penguin who has to run across Antarctica, visiting all the different research stations spread across the country. The player simply has to avoid obstacles and make it to the checkpoint before the timer runs out. Penta can dodge, move slower or faster, and jump to avoid seals and cracks in the ice. It takes precious seconds to recover from mishaps, and because of the timer, you can't always go slowly. You'll also get bonus points by catching fish thrown by seals or from collecting green flags. When the timer runs out, it's game over, and you have to start again. If you manage to win the game, in the typical old arcade-game fashion, it starts over.

In conclusion, it's nothing spectacular, but not a bad game either. It's great for coffee breaks.

Fun fact: This is the first game from the legendary Japanese developer/weirdo Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear series.

Controls: They're very simple: the up and down arrows control the speed of Penta; the left and right arrows move him, well, left and right; and you can jump with the spacebar. Joysticks and gamepads are also supported.

Antartic Adventure is originally made for the MSX, but Friens Software recompiled it to a PC version with sound. The game is very good. You are a pinguin and got to go around Australia. On the journey you can collect things, you might find shops. The payment is fish, so you must collect fish. And by every stage higher you have less time to reach the finish, so you must hurry.

Antarctic Adventure is a very cute and funny game from Konami starring Pentarou the Penguin (who later appears in Konami's Parodius) who must journey across the Antarctic to deliver his fiancÚ. The game is played from pseudo 3D, a behind-the-Penguin perspective, as you watch Pentarou jump over pits and avoid walruses and other Antarctic obstacles. First released for the Colecovision, the game is a faithful translation of Konami's hit arcade game of the same name that was only released in Japan. The gameplay is simple, but it's the simple charm that will keep you hooked, just as in many other Konami classics.

Note: the game was never made for PC. This download is the MSX version recompiled to work in DOS with no emulator required.


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