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Arnie 2 is an isometric action game. Although it's obvious to which Hollywood actor the game's name alludes, Arnie 2 is not a licensed title and not based on any movie.

It is the sequel to the Amiga / C64 platform game Arnie (1992). Unlike the previous title it has been developed in-house by Zeppelin

Fast reflexes and a lust for violence are required for success here. Your average muscleman shoots and bombs his way through four enemy-infested territories: Shut down a chemical plant by blowing up enough pipeline valves. Clear an airfield from enemy soldiers, tanks and helicopters. Climb from battleship to battleship in a hostile harbor. And finally, rescue as many prisoners as possible from a jungle POW camp.

Naturally, the levels are crawling with enemies: from simple infantry armed with rifles, mortars or rocket launchers to MG teams, missile batteries and tanks. Most of the opponents are stationary and stolidly fire in a single direction; however, foxholes spew out cannon-fodder at a constant rate. To destroy such nests or efficiently dispatch groups of soldiers, Arnie has a (limited) supply of grenades. Some deceased foes drop more powerful weapons as well as invaluable first aid kits and extra lives.

Arnie is a basic action game. You make your way through a battlefield set in a factory, air base, naval base, or POW camp with little variation from a set path. Play revolves around dodging bullets, missiles, mortars etc while you take out the things firing them. You start with some grenades and a pistol, but you can pick up better weapons during missions.

The graphics are ok (they remind me of Desert Strike), and the animations are nice. Keyboard control isn't very good and you're forced to use the QAOP keys for movement so use a digital joystick if you have one. You can move and shoot in 8 directions, but it can be hard to get Arnie facing diagonally to shoot something or throw grenades.

The space bar is used to fire, but holding it down for a second and then releasing it causes Arnie to throw a grenade which can be annoying. You also can't control the distance the grenade is thrown. When you pick up different weapons you can use the Enter key to cycle between them, but be careful because when you die you lose the weapon you're currently using. To quit it seems you have to wait until your mission is over (or you're dead) and you're at the mission selection screen then press Escape. The Pause key pauses the game.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.63 MB).


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