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In Bad Street Brawler, players take the role of the former punk rocker and current martial artist Duke Dunnegan, or aternatively the wrestler Gorgeous George (Bop N' Wrestle) or as a high school teacher pushed to far (Street Hassle) who finds he is the only one in the position to clean the mean streets from various thugs and loonies. Gameplay involves walking through the streets and taking out any enemies that get in the way. Kicks and punches are your basic moves at first, but as the game progresses, new moves and attacks become available, and new enemy types to beat up as well.

Bad Street Brawler was published in 1987 by Beam Software. This game is also known as Bop'N'Rumble (Commodore 64) and Street Hassle (ZX Spectrum).

This game is a Double Dragon clone. Your mission is to walk left to right and kick a lot of bad guys. I'm not really sure are these guys that bad. Most common enemies looks like blind people, some of your opponents are old ladies attacking with their purses so the game has some ... humour ;) Do not worry - not every villain is crippled or weak - in some levels you'll be facing dogs and real fat guys, on other there will be normal muscled men. One thing I can say - none of these opponents is easy, especially when there are many of them on the screen.

Of course there are also bosses. These ones can be tricky. First one is a gorilla, which does not think, only tries to smash your head. One of the latter is a motorcycle rider - that one always made me nervous - he is just driving around, or should I say - tries to drive through you! You'll meet the rest of them during game.

Good thing is that you are as lethal as your opponents. You can kick, punch, giggle, throw and do some more hurting things to get to next level. Interesting thing is that each level you get a new set of "aggressive moves". They are not always fresh and not all of them are new, but always it's nice to look forward to find a new way to smash a villain. Some of the animations are really funny, and always there is a point why this particular attack was allowed at this stage. For example: when you'll be facing dogs, you'll be able to giggle them, and when motorcycle rider comes in to play you'll get a chance to give him a flying kick.

Controls in this game are simple. You can move around using four directional buttons. If you want to hit someone you still use these buttons but with addition of Fire button pressed. Calculation is easy - four directions mean four kinds of attack. As mentioned before on every level there is a different set of "aggressive moves" so at the beginning of every stage it is good to try what you can do.

Graphics are not the best. Each person is drawn with huge 2x2 pixels. With 320x200 resolutions everyone looks like a big square. Also, not many colours are used. Music is simple but it does not disturb the gameplay. Maybe you'll like this melody - as aggressive as the game itself ;)

From Seanbaby review of the game: "Bad Street Brawler is a fun "East Meets West" side-scroller that was much better known on the Nintendo. You play Duke Davis, self-proclaimed "former punk rocker and the world's coolest martial arts vigilante!" He stalks the streets attacking little circus men and puppies, making the world a safer place for... your Grandma to walk safely home.

Using a girly punch, a break dancing thing that almost seems like it's trying to be a kick, and a move I call "cower in fear" (pointless, but funny to watch), Duke Davis' adventures are described as, "send the bad guys reeling with furious fist & foot bashing action. It's non-stop martial arts madness! Nail the no-gooders today-and watch the street savages scatter!" The truth is a bit less exciting than the blurb, as the enemies are amazingly easy to dispose of once you learn all the moves, although end-level bosses are tough.

One of the games that are so terrible they become funny, the highlights of Bad Street Brawler are the as well as campy quotes before each level that sound like precursors of "All Your Base Are Belong To Us." Quotes such as "Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you" sound like they come straight out of fortune cookies ;) The levels are nicely drawn, and more varied than most platformers at the time, although character graphics are badly pixellated.

Overall, if you like campy arcade games, Bad Street Brawler is well worth a look for a chuckle or two. Gameplay-wise, it pales beneath classics like Double Dragon or Renegade, but it arguably has more character than both."

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