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As the eponymous Baby Jo you're trying to make it back home. Can a simple baby get past the four levels while avoiding the bad-tempered animals and machines on the way? Baby Jo in: "Going Home" is a side-scrolling platform game. Jo can pick up rattles which can be tossed at enemies (such as bees, lawnmowers or spiders). Apart from watching out for the baby's dropping health (represented as an increasingly tearful face), the baby's diaper gets wetter over time and the thirst increases, too. If the diaper becomes too wet or the baby becomes too thirsty, the player immediately loses a life, so collecting fresh bottles and diapers is important. The game is multilingual (you can chose between English, French, German and Spanish).

What does every side scrolling platform game need? Well there's the hero (the character you control). Next there are different villains (they should be vicious and mean). You also need some weapons to pick up on the way, some power-ups to make you stronger or restore your health, some goodies that raise your score and a secret room or two.

Well according to the description above, this game has it all. Yet somehow it still feels different. I guess milk bottles and rattles aren't the kind of power-ups a though action character needs. Such a character also wouldn't cry if stung by a wasp (even if it is a really mean one). OK, the mean storm clouds are a worthy adversary for any hero. There's no hero out there that wouldn't mind getting hit by lightning, but in every other aspect the main character of this game is acting like a baby! I mean who else but a baby would be bothered by some spitting plants and worms crawling on the floor. And that's exactly who the main hero (or should I say heroine) is. It's Baby Jo and she wants to get back home (don't ask me how she got away - I'm serious, don't ask me because I can't tell you; I don't know).

The sound in this game is not too bad, but unfortunately there aren't any sound effects (I'd love to hear the one of a crying burning baby flying strait up in the sky - sadistic, aren't I). The graphics are nice and somewhat humorous (and those storm clouds really do look mean). The controls are standard (the arrow keys with space as fire). The game runs smoothly and you won't have to restart over and over again (you get passwords that make sure you can start at a beginning of a level rather then from the top).

One of the few downsides of this game is the fact that this game lacks a two player option. These platform games are so much more fun, if you can play against a friend (either in a split screen mode or at least taking turns). Oh well, you can't have everything. All in all the game deserves solid 4 points. I suggest you try it (but be advised, this game is not as easy as you might think by looking at the cute little rug-rat).

This game is damn cute. It has the white fluffy cloud screen, with the bottle (a.k.a health), diapers, hearts and the face of Baby Jo. This is your basic platform game. You go from left to right, avoiding and killing the enemies. When you get to the end, you've completed the level. Its not that hard to figure out ;) It's got a lot of charm, but nothing unusual. Flowers try shoving stuff up your arse, wood rolls around, and bees and other flying things try to smash you in the face. Did someone mention a lawnmower?

I've never played this game with any sound, but I did some inquiring into the game to find out more about the sound, to discover that it actually doesn't have any sound. That's a bit of a let down, but its still a great game nonetheless. If they ever remade this, could you imagine the kind of sounds it would have? ;)

The graphics are actually really good, and that adds to the whole appeal of the game. If you've played about a billion other side-scrolling games such as this, you might not find anything new or exiting here. But the theme behind it is totally original.

Baby Jo is a quite fun jump'n run game by Loriciel - a bit similar to SEGA's classic Wonderboy. You are baby Jo, a baby (in diapers, no less) who has to struggle through many levels to find his way home. Being a baby, you don't naturally have 100-ton bazooka to blast enemies with, but you do have natural weapons that are quite hilarious (I'll keep them a secret for now-- just try the game ;)). Overall, Baby Jo isn't truly original, but like all Loriciel game, breaks the mold of typical platform game. Definitely worth a look, but don't hold your breath for something revolutionary.

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